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Bazile | 20:39 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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Just reading Emmie's thread

Would it be good idea for people worried about blood clots , to take aspirin both before and after the Jab - for say , a week either side ?


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Not unless it is already part of your medication as prescribed.
I'm due my 2nd A-Z very soon. I was OK after the 1st, apart from a 24 hr. knockout tiredness plus headache. I think it might be a good idea to take a few aspirins before and after. Unlikely to do any harm and could do a bit of good.
Definitely NOT.
The clotting mechanism in these blood clotting problems in the brain is ill understood and in leg and lung clots its effectiveness is questionable.
The clotting mechanism is complex.
so perhaps you'd better just put them on your head and hope they soak through, Bazile.

Of course, I am not a qualified doctor.
OK - I'll miss the aspirin Sqad.
my god ! emmie has printed on thrombosis and vaccines?
where ?

no it doesnt work - aspirin - neither does cloppie or rivaroxaban - for this by the way

basically of the 80 or so cases with covid clot, the same proportion of the population are on it as off it. - ie has no effect

there is something called platelet 4 antibody
and the vaccine interacts in some way - in those 80 - - the other 15 million are OK

there was a prof who posted on this but he seems to have stopped

anyway unreadable research article here

I have told the Beeb about this but it seems that it is all too pointy headed for the hacks to beging to understand
(they only did O levels and not rocket science etc)

they cant get past the first five words: there was a little sausage.....(thanks to Baldric)
Research suggests that aspirin can assist in the prevention of blood-clotting after certain types of surgery but that, for example, the very small risk of suffering internal bleeding through taking aspirin exceeds the risk of suffering a DVT on a long-haul flight. So aspirin shouldn't be routinely used in situations where the risk of a blood clot is already extremely low.
Asked my daughter(a doctor). She is of exactly the same opinion as Sqad.
Question Author
Where do people who are taking clopidogrel stand ?

Should they stop taking clopidogrel for a while before and after getting the AZ jab ? big deal..
Question Author
Ok - I'm.just trying to get this clear .

Are you saying that people already on aspirin or Clopidogrel or warafin should have no concern about taking tha AZ jab ?
// Are you saying that people already on aspirin or Clopidogrel or warafin should have no concern about taking tha AZ jab ?//

no he isnt - and if you read the preceding - you will see why

rivaroxaban and cloppie they dont have any concerns about
they 'worry' about warfarin - but I didnt ask what they did.

it is q5 on the form they fill out ( or you do)
Had my first AZ jab around a month ago, only side effect was a sore shoulder for a few days.
BMJ webinar on long covid - not related to the vaccine
but I was not sure where to put it
Long as in long webinar - they dont stop talking for two hours
Question Author
// big deal..//

sqad - do you mean that it is ok to have the AZ vaccine whilst continuing to take Clopidogrel ?

//Is the vaccine safe for people taking blood thinners like clopidogrel or other antiplatelet drugs?

Yes, the vaccine is safe for people taking clopidogrel and other antiplatelet medications. You may experience a little more bruising around the injection site.//

My sister-in-law is on Warfarin, but had no side effects at all from the AZ vaccine (although she had experienced severe side effects from the ordinary flu jab in the past).
Bazile.....yes,that is precisely what I meant.
i now take apixaban, which iwas prescribed at the hospital for AF.
Question Author
Ok right.

I'm not doubting the advice , so don't get me wrong , just making sure i convey the information correctly to someone who is anxious about the AZ vaccine

So , if it is ok for someone on a blood thinner to have the vaccine - why is it not ok for someone to start taking aspirin , which is a blood thinner , before having the AZ vaccine ?

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