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2Nd Pfizer Vaccine Today

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gordiescotland1 | 22:40 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi there
I had my 2nd vaccine today of the Pfizer jab at 0930 I went to a local sports centre. The same place where I had my first one on 27th February. I never even felt it. I had to wait for 15 mins in a waiting area. 5 minutes in, a guy 2 seats along from me collapsed the staff quickly got a screen round him and I could see his legs were raised. When I left he was awake drinking water. I felt quite sorry for him he was a lot younger than I was (probably mid 30s) but I was quite unnerved by the whole thing thinking God what if this happens to me. But of course it didn't but I was glad when 15 minutes was up. I had no problems at all first jab. This time a horrendous sore arm, headache and nausea but a heck of a lot better than Covid-19. After a hell of a long lockdown (4 months) I go back to my voluntary work on Monday in a charity shop, so looking forward to it. It really helps my mental health


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Glad you survived it, Gordie!

I think I've been into your charity shop ;-)

I too had Pfizer #2 today.
No effects as yet although I do have a slight headache which is probably down to having headphones on for too many hours...
That sounds like a faint rather than vaccine effects. I used to give blood and it wasn't uncommon for new donors to faint, sometimes at the sight of the needle, sometimes when standing up after donation. When I got to menopause, I would faint after donation on a regular basis. In the end they suggested that I not come any more as it frighted other donors.
second pfizer jab yesterday, no problem with either of them
my second AZ today at 1.20pm

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2Nd Pfizer Vaccine Today

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