Why Most Countries Have Suspended Oxford Vaccine And Uk Gov Is Still Forging Ahead With The Vaccine?

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OldChestNuts | 20:12 Fri 02nd Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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Guardian just reported more deaths due to the vaccine and the UK gov thinks the British lives are are worthless compared with other nations?
I know the UK gov still argues the deaths vs the benefits are far greater in benefits. But I think the real benefits is the vaccine and the gov need to back the vaccine even its in question.

Are all other countries too stupid to suspend the vaccine or the UK gov putting lives at risk for the older age as they no longer a contributor to the society?

Any thoughts and view?


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Yes, what a load of bunkem!
It’s scaremongering at it’s best
1) it doesn't say how old people were, so i dont know where you get your "UK gov putting lives at risk for the older age " from
2)plenty of older people contribute to society
because they are morons?
None of that. I think they will check and continue with it.
But, I had this conversation with someone on here, I can't remember who... a vaccine is always going to carry some risk to a healthy person. It reacts with your immune system, and frankly, if it was always 100% safe for 100% people, it would only be because it was ineffective.

Vaccines are a gamble- nearly always a worthwhile one, except for a few. But the assumption seems to be there is a choice of vaccine or die horribly. In reality, most people won't get covid, let alone die from it.
I don't believe any government "doesn't care". Just differences in views.
half a dozen people have had blood clots, it was cleared as nowt to do with the vaccine last week. More brainless anti British cobras, end of, next!
also, define "most" countries?
Did you know there are some potential deaths from all vaccines? Some people even die from a dentist's injection and some from eating a chicken sandwich. Bad things occasionally happen. I didn't think it was most countries anyway that have suspended the AZ vaccine?
ok from the Guardian article normal incidence in adults 3 to 4 per million people.or between 1 in 33333.3333 recurring to 1 in 250000
Incidence in AZ vaccinations, 22 per 18.1 million equals 1 in 818181.810

from those figures, it seems like the az vaccine might be preventing the CVST?

how do you like them apples?
I find this link on that page far more concerning
Especially after reading all year the many ABers who've insisted there has been no problem in getting medical care during this pandemic.
i dont think that's quite right woof the "normal "rates are per year, so you can only make the comparison when people have been having OAZ for a year
point taken bedknobs, so if we divide the normal figures by 4 to give an estimation of the length of time the AZ has been in use, (3 months) we get 1 in 6250 to 1 in 8333
which makes the az look even better?
I might have fouled up, its late and my maffs stinks
and that doesn't take into account the "would have had it anyways"
yeah it is like roulette

the gun with vaccine - has one bullet
and the one that risks getting covid has 10 000 bullets

More importantly - is the current vaccine active against the south african variant ? yes
is it active against the Manaus variant - less but we are not sure how much

So why have they done it?
well no one in France germany or ethpania have said - "this third wave would never have happened if we had vaccinated" - but everyone is looking to see what happens in dear old blighty which has

and it does seem to be classically risk averse behaviour
you choose a more risky option (not vaccinating) to avoid an outcome which is rare ( dying from blood clotting)

and yes I seem to be the only person to realise that if France fails to vaccinate its population for three months, then the number of people dying in those three months are 'wasted or avoidable' deaths - so that if there are 5000 a month and the delay is three months then that is 15 000 avoidable deaths or - - quite a few plane loads

and there is nothing like that number of vaccine deaths

so stop huffing and puffing and spare a thought for the froggies and huns
Are they saying it’s nothing to do with the vaccine?
Or simply that statistically the risk is vastly outweighed by the dangers of NOT having it?
Something like 8 cases out of 30 million.
It isn't quite the point, pp. Statistics are all very well, until you are the person that dies. I'm already unsure if I can have the next one, due to possible allergy. So, for a healthy female in the 40s, it actually increases the risk a lot. It's quite individual, more than just numbers.
not associated and could have occurred by chance (is what they are saying)

has it been on the news here that J and J in america have had to destroy 30m doses as a result of quality problems ? (NBC live is available on you tube)
pixie for personal choice yes its a bit more than just numbers....but numbers are useful when making reasoned choices even for individuals. Where numbers come into their own is when decisions have to be made for millions of people.

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