Has Anyone Ever Embraced Sadness?

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flobadob | 17:07 Sat 17th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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Most people strive for a happy life, it's the ultimate goal if you will. However through one reason or another happiness isn't always a given.

Has anyone ever took the decision to just embrace sadness when it arrives and let it stay until such time as it decides to leave?


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well put, ummmm
Ummm - yes, it is in my experience far worse.
I agree that with sadness or grief, you need to be gentle with yourself and give yourself some time and space- or company- whatever works and helps. As Margie says, you can think you're fine for a time, and then it hits again. It's normal and understandable.
Theland, depression and anxiety are a different level... I have had both on and off for over 20 years, thankfully, finally, treated appropriately, so although I get bouts here and there, it's never been as severe as it originally was. That's an illness though, and can be quite irrational, as I'm sure you know.... they aren't the same or treated the same.
OP Sometimes you have to embrace it and learn to live with it.
Yes, Theland, because we know sadness eases with time (if it's a bereavement or similar) but worry goes nowhere until the problem is solved. Then you have the worry of it returning. That's depressing :-(
jourdain I will NEVER embrace it. Live with it yes sometimes its necessary but embrace never.
Hi Pixie.
Yes, have been treated for anxiety /depression since 2006.
Drugs, psychologists, group therapy.v
In my experience, (exclusive to me of course), sadness wains over time, and although it revisits, it wains again. Part of the tough life I guess.
Some hope with sadness is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, in spite of flashbacks, whereas anxiety / depression is something else.

(Oh not a medic, probably talking through my hat (?), a bit lost for words now).
Therapy? Yes! Answerabank is therapeutic!
Loads and loads of free help and diversion.
Helpful? Yes yes yes!!!

On very rare occasions yes.

One in particular well ... and i literally screamed And beat my pillow followed my tears upon tears)

It was after many months of watching how cancer disintegrated life as we knew it.

It was a relief to give into it... i surrendered totally (albeit briefly) n it helped me get to the next step.

loosing ones parents both from slow disease..and having to deal with it
focuses ones mind to, memories flood back...but stuck with the now
it's easier to want to crawl away mentally, some throuhg a bottle or other mean, but dawn arises, whether family lose or friendship, or even a beloved pet, the love we gave and got, is not fogotten, and lives on in our heart...not to dwell...but remember, and like all things move on, to make new memories, why..age old question, we live in the present, constant flow..and there is good in that chaos, personal will! i can...i will..
i embraced it without knowing, the long road to hell was the outcome.
yes those who are depressed talk about
the welcoming arms of depression ...
thank you emmie
I had a neighbour that I left at 9 am
and when I came home from work to check
found him seated where I left him
Beware that embracing doesn't result in sustaining.
Perfectly put, O_G.

//I had a neighbour that I left at 9 am
and when I came home from work to check
found him seated where I left him //

Hope you checked for a pulse first or was he on Answerbank?
Well said O_G.

Let sadness be a lodger but hopefully know when to show it the door - easier said than done sometimes.

That's very sad Peter.
I think the answer might be in not fighting reality.

You are sad. Accept your sadness and see it for what it is. Does being sad help you, or someone else?

What would help, or do you enjoy the emotions of being sad?

Accept the reality. It’s like accepting pain. Fighting it is rarely useful.

With metta to all those who are sad.

Flobadob: Accepting sadness ,but not dwelling on it is very different from embracing it. If you embrace sadness, then you are welcoming it and I don't think that is a good idea. Wallowing in sadness and self-pity is bad for the soul. From experience sadness comes in waves, I still have huge waves of sadness about my father's death in 2003. Like a wave, you should try and ride it out until you get to shore, then get on with life as best you can.
Indeed lpg

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