What To Do When You Catch A Man Staring At You?

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honeybun35 | 13:30 Sat 17th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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Was at an engagement gathering and caught man staring few times. I didn't know what to do because i didn't know the reason so both times I turned.


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Feel flattered and ‘yup still got it’
13:43 Sat 17th Oct 2020
A man staring at you twice doesn't seem untoward to me. He might have thought he knew you, he might have just been deep in thought... Why would you 'do' anything? You could be overthinking all these interactions involving males.
It's what men do...they can't help themselves. It's usually because you're attractive but it's not necessarily personal...or meant for you as an individual. Men used to wolf-whistle, now they stare.
First check all your buttons are done up and you don't have a piece of loo-roll stuck to your shoe.
^ that advice goes for men as well

There was a guy at work who used to do that to me a few years ago. My office is on a different floor now.
Two things you can do depending if he is attractive or not :-)
One smile and lower your eyes then stare back
Two stick your tongue out or use a similar visual aid so he gets the message
a: Check it's not snowing down south.

If all okay then

b: Pout a bit. Bask.

Feel flattered and ‘yup still got it’
Surely the time to worry is when men stop looking.
Ha! Good point Mexican!
The very first thing is to check that he's not blind before acting in whatever way you decide.
I think I'd ask him what the problem was.
telling people you are blind doesnt work

even saying "look I have a dalek eye!" or "I look like Marty Feldman how do you know I am not staring at the ceiling?" fall flat as well.

I am doing oedipus at the moment - run at him with red hot needles? ( knitting shuttles in one play)
// a: Check it's not snowing down south.//
oh - yeah - scan skies for flying pigs
then I like the Diana manouevre - look and bat eyelids
something to die for
I normally just say that, while I'm flattered, I like girls.
Was at Donny races a few years back and a young woman, wearing very few clothes, was stood at the bar waiting to be served when she noticed a middle aged guy giving her the once over. So, thinking she would embarrass him, she asked loudly, "What are you looking at?" Quick as a flash and in a very broad Geordie accent, he replied, "You, bonny lass. Isn't that why you're dressed like that?"
It was she who had the red face.
oh god that wasnt the races where the papers carried a photo of them rolling on the grass? - not in ecstasy I might say - she was trying to scratch his eyes .....
''Is that a canoe in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?''
the land - disappointing
you might at least refer to the bit where maria magdalene having washed feet says
" what you staring at like a norvern perv?"
and Jesus turns them all into little pigs
fulfilling the prophecy of the children saying go up thy baldhead and the prophet changes them into piglets
(2 Kings 2:23–24 where some little kids taunt Elisha, and he curses them and two bears come out of the woods and eat them all. )
yeah sort of almost got it

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