Has Anyone Ever Embraced Sadness?

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flobadob | 17:07 Sat 17th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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Most people strive for a happy life, it's the ultimate goal if you will. However through one reason or another happiness isn't always a given.

Has anyone ever took the decision to just embrace sadness when it arrives and let it stay until such time as it decides to leave?


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On occasion,yes - sometimes it's simpler than fighting and gradually you start to heal and the sadness lessens.
Yep. Pointless pretending to be happy.

Just because you're sad doesn't mean you can't laugh and have fun as well.
Of course...sometimes circumstances make you miserable .... I don't believe in hiding it but have gone into hibernation for a time. Doing that gives me time to come toterms with whatever has made me sad...from the death of a parent or just feeling sad for no particular reason. I don't think it is healthy to 'put a brave face' on .
I agree, Mally, it's not very healthy at all.
I treat sadness as a lodger sometimes, it can enter but can't stay and when it leaves hopefully that space is filled with light and memories.
Cummere Flobby, lets have a manhug...
Embracing sadness, for example grief following a bereavement, is one of the easier parts of this tough life, which is tough on everybody, whoever they are.

What is much worse in my experience, is anxiety, followed by, often with, depression.

We will all experience sadness, its part of our tough lives, but anxiety and depression is more selective, and some are fortunate to only experience it in small measure.
No. The more you dwell on your woes, the deeper the sadness becomes. Bad for the spirit.
Do you not feel that sometimes you spirit needs a good cry, Naomi?

It's like a reset.
Everyone is different, some can plough on regardless - others need some time to heal.

You wouldn't run on a sore ankle straight away would you?
Not dwelling on ones woes sounds like good advice, until it is a lived experience.
Then the anxiety and depression comes in.

Can't pay the bills?
Can't feed the kids?
Kids in trouble?
Family threatened?
50/50 chance of fate going this way or that?
(Not an exhaustive list).
Yes, I do ummmm - and it gets it. However, I try not to allow misery to stay until ‘it decides to leave’, as the OP puts it. That hands it control.
Theland, you wouldn’t want my experiences .... I assure you.
Sometimes you can't help but be sad, especially when grieving the loss of a loved one. That sort of sadness, I find, comes and goes in waves and sometimes, even after years, can stay around for a very long time no matter how much you may wish it gone. At times like that I just go with the flow and accept it's part of the long grieving process for someone very dear who has now left this world.

Are you ok flobadod?
Naomi, I sympathise with you.
I'm blessed that I haven't had to suffer what you have, and I admire your resilience.

I should have expanded on my post.

Being powerless to control events is, in my experience, a cause of terrible anxiety, that takes its toll.

That is much worse than grief, say, following bereavement.
embrace it? No never. Sometimes I have to tolerate it and work through it. Same with migraine and IBS.
I'm not sure about "embracing" sadness, exactly- what does that even mean? Accepting it, yes.
Isn't embracing sadness another term for wallowing? If so yes, sometimes it's ok to wallow
I don’t consider it dwelling on my woes to still feel deep sadness and to cry most days over the loss of my dad.
Yes....I often wallow in self pity. It not only helps me but it helps the people I share my life with.

They don't treat me differently but know something has happened to make me sad.

I'd rather have sad days than to have not loved and been loved by the people who I'm sad about.

Theland...your issues sound like worry more than sadness.

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Has Anyone Ever Embraced Sadness?

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