Juice Diet “Detox”

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eve1974 | 21:45 Sat 17th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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Anyone done a juice fast?

How did you find it? During and after?

I’m feeling sluggish (bowels) n skin general energy not great)

I’m thinking about doing a 3 day juice fast.


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not sure how it will help.
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apparently it helps by adding extra roughage to bowels etc and helps eliminate toxins n leaves you feeling fresher after a few days. My diet feels heavy lately n I really feel like I need a much lighter load for a few days. I’ve read a fair bit online about juice detox (short ones about 3 days) and wld be interested to hear if anyone on AB has done this
Just eat normally without too much starchy stuff.
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Yeah I cld diddly but i just feel in my gut (no pun intended) that something a little more is needed as a once off).

Wld be keen if anyone on here has done a juice fast themselves
Have a shufti at some sensible advice from the British Dietetic Association.
juice doesn't add fibre to your diet. If you want to add fibre to your diet, eat whole fruit and veg. The body manages its own detox and diet won't make any difference.
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Interesting woof!!! Presumed it added fibre.

China - ty for link

There's no fibre in juice.
I regularly eat some toasted seeds...pumpkin and sunflower. Plenty of fibre, and good for you.
A handful or 2 at night...result!
Detoxes are a con...your body detoxes itself naturally.
Eve, have you never seen how a juicer works? It finely grates whatever you put in it then centrifuges the juice out of the pulp which is the fibre which gets thrown away. If you want a high fibre drink then you need blender drinks which blend the whole fruit and veg up with water to make a thick drink.....although I have no idea why you would want to!
Waste of time and you'll be miserable.

Cut back on carbs and sugar and eat more fibre.

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Juice Diet “Detox”

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