Would You Buy A Second Hand Stair Lift

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knockavacca | 19:33 Thu 13th Feb 2020 | Body & Soul
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all advice welcome


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probably, but only if i had straight stairs. Have u thought about renting?
where are you in the country? I absolutely would recommend this company
no I wouldnt
because - - stannah for example - you hire rather than buy so any lift on themarket may not be the seller to sell

( sort of simple: make sure it is theirs to sell - - stannah were very good)
as well as PP's comment, I would make sure it was a recon with a damn good warranty...privately? hell no.
Only if it was for my MIL.
My parents did, and it has given years of good service.
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thanks to all for replies note taken will consider your remarks
Thinking of buying a second hand parachute for the missus.
Very cheap and only a few patches on it.

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Would You Buy A Second Hand Stair Lift

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