Lem Sip.

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cupid04 | 03:42 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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I have one sachet of Lem Sip Max. The only thing is it was out of date on February 2018. Would you recommend taking it?


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Would you if it was you ;-)
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Okay, I'm drinking it now. Let's hope it helps ease these rotten cold symptoms. Night all. x
It'll be fine and better than not taking it! Feel better soon.
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Thank you Maydup. Sleep well.
Hi cupid, at worst it will have lost some of its effectiveness that's all, worth a try.
I've drunk these things years out of date. No issue. May have been less effective though. How long does paracetemol or asprin last ?
they last indefinitely

with this it is quality of product

No worries. If you feel like carp anyway it won't kill you. If it does kill you (highly unlikely) your horrible cold symptoms will be gone. :-)

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Lem Sip.

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