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jennyjoan | 15:09 Thu 10th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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Me - at the moment surrounded by sickness. One friend in the early stages of dementia and family don't want to know. Cousin (whom I haven't seen in 35 years) called to the door last night at 9.30pm - rung bell - I answered saying "yes", she's saying "yes" - my name is my God she has got so old, her and another came in to tell me that her sister who I am fond of is now dying with cancer all through her. Another friend's mind is going with the worry of her son. Tried to help her - all I can do is verbal help. Think it helps a little.

A couple of other friends coming to terms with heart attacks. Jesus when does it end. I did give myself a duvet day yesterday but the latest news has made me sad. sorry


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sorry the post ^^^ my name is "her name" not God lol
When sadness and illness is all around you it can weigh heavily, you can only do what you can - try if possible not to let it grind you down too far Jenny.x
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I;m doing my best Mamy and thanks x
I've been feeling awful too JJ. My Grand Da is very ill- we thought he would die for sure over Christmas, but he's just home now and very much better thank God. I've been apart from my partner since I came back in December and missing him terribly and there is a colossal amount of work to do here to get ready for going back. He's not been well himself either and I'm stuck here til later in the month and there is stress all around. I thought 2018 was bad, 1019 is starting off as a blinder. But there is one chink of light perhaps for us on the horizon so fingers crossed that this year could be perhaps the best ever yet, but at the moment it can sod off, not having a nice time x
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sorry Kval - I have been reading of your posts re your grandad - poor man has been suffering but I had to laugh when he was hallucinating.

When my mother had went into a diabetic fit/whatever it was called. She saw my sister dressed as a white angel floating into the hospital ceiling and her neighbour who was a man was opposite her in the ward and she./mother was shouting "oh Tash is taking his knickers off". I stupidly looked round to see and kept saying no he is not there - he is she said. But anyway back to yourself hopefully things will get better for you and you get back to your partner soon.
Sorry for your troubles JJ. However, you must remember to take care of yourself and not let it get you too down. x
Sorry to hear you're so down Jenny. I know what you mean. These days it seems the only time I go out is to attend funerals.
Stay strong.
Jj. It's the time of year, I hate it. So many people ill and dying, often we ourselves feel unwell. Listen and be supportive to your friends and family , it's all we can do, but it will be appreciated .
Look after yourself first JJ. It's obviously getting you down, which is to be expected. I think everything seems worse at this time of year too. Keep your chin up. x
it never rains Conne..but pours..hoping things improve all round soon xx
and Denver Police have already spoken to him about it and DNA tested him. He just appears to be a nasty piece of work with an obsession about the poor little girl :(
Sorry JJ wrong thread :(
It's a problem when you have a big family and know a lot of people. You have to deal with illness and death. I've become slightly numb to it now, unless they are family or a close friend.
Living in sheltered housing there are always more problems had than good news, with mum, and a couple of friends it's a bit of a struggle..

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