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bainbrig | 11:24 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | Body & Soul
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The Braun ones (adult) that Amazon push for about £40-£50 - are they good? We have an old mercury one but can no longer see it!




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I bought one of the No Touch thermometers that you place on or just above the forehead to use when I am looking after my grandsons I have found it to be very good with a large easily read display.
get the ear one that they use for babies
and boops

batteries last literally for years

look the ones in Hospital ( geddit?) but arent chained to the wall
and rememebr than N ear temp is 36.5
ear not forehead - they are not that accurate
Forehead and ear Thermometer for adult / baby - by iProven DMT-489WG - Medical grade Digital infrared Temperature Thermometers with 2018 Accuracy Technology and temperature indication ( multiple colours ) Easy to Use for The Whole Family - Durable Designed Dual Mode Thermometer
by iProvèn
£1899Prime4.5 out of 5 stars61

I would prefer more of a schnozz quite honestly
the point has to go into the ear
but not out the other side
Why do you require a thermometer?
I have had 4 kids, dozens of grandchildren and not a thermometer in site.
If the temp is will know....child id hot.
if the temp is doesn't mean it isn't ill.

I can't see the point in thermometers.
We had to monitor my son's temperature on his consultants orders and bought one from our local pharmacy for about £10. It always agreed with nurse's readings
Luckily boys and girls the importance of thermometers was recognised in the 1650s.

when the vicar of Little Snodmorton made one and started keeping daily temp records - not 'hot' or 'brrr cold'
in 1658
The successive vicars of Little S and Bonkhd minor completed the task and kept continuours daily records

This accounts of the existence of the Little S international meterological ce - because it has the longest world series of anything ( 1658)

The problems about chinee records is that they were recorded in order to commemorate important events

so if there was a solar eclipse - oo-er something impt politically had happened even if it had not .....
and if there was something impt political then a bl;ip was reccorded even if it hadnt blipped
( star of bethlehem springs to mind but none of the wise men were chinese I think)

No measurement can be without context
[ even if the context is 'random' which means of course 'no context']

from my prize winning physics O level essay 1965

they have the revd Binkie's orignal thermometers from 1655 apparently ( ah but do they work like they did? glass becoming more stiff as time goes on)
Why do you need it?
I know my temperature is up at the moment because I can feel it. Not high enough for concern though as I can function normally.
I have always found a bog standard digital that you stick in the mouth from Boots quite adequate. The forehead one was good when my daughter was little mind you.
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It’s for me (me me). Not a kid in sight.

Recovering from bronchitis (3 weeks) and feeling below par, a little ‘fuzzy’. Just wanted to check.

i have one of those no touch ones an it comes with a visual aid - the screen goes green amber or red depending on the temp.
its like this.
i suppose you could go to boots and ask to see how it works - then you can get your temp checked without buying it
LOL ^^^^
why do you need it
because it give a number
not just - feels hot or cold
o god AB in full swing.....
As the late Blanche remarked in Corrie, "That's a rectal thermometer but don't worry, it's been through the dishwasher".

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