Has Anyone Purchased Valium Online?

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Graudian | 18:42 Mon 07th Sep 2015 | Body & Soul
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I am wary but there is at least one which looks reputable
and has good testimonials (I know!!!)

Anyone had any dealings with them?


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Not being funny Graudian - why would you buy it on line?
How is that legal? Valium is script only isn't it?
I have looked at their website and cannot find an address or any information about the company. No VAT number, no phone number.
Valium is not an over the counter medicine and needs a prescription but this company is selling it without prescription, so can't be legal.
I'd always be wary of any website that included 'UK' in the address in order to make potential purchasers think that they're buying from a local source. That would apply even when it was legal to sell the items that were offered by the site within this country. (It's definitely illegal to do so with prescription drugs. Anything purchased from abroad is likely to be seized by customs and, theoretically at least, carries a risk of prosecution for the person trying to import the drugs).

That website is based in China
and I wouldn't buy any type of product from it.
All their drugs are POM in the UK - it's illegal to sell them without a prescription.

As hc4361 says - no contact details of any sort - this just screams 'scam' to me.
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I am a nervous flyer and my doctor is reluctant to prescribe
as he says I should just gt over my phobia
and it's probably cut with something nasty like ravens' way.
Registrant Name: Zhuhai Yingxun Keji Limited
Registrant Organization: Zhuhai Yingxun Keji Limited
Registrant Address: No.77 3rd floor Fenghuang South Road Xiangzhou district Zhuhai city
Registrant City: Zhuhai
Registrant Province/state: GD
Registrant Country: CN

As dodgy as they come
Gin & Tonic in the departure lounge is the answer

[ other alcohols are available - just go easy ]
Question Author
Thanks everyone; you've confirmed what I suspected.
I'll stay well clear of them & just order a double scotch when I
board my fight!
The same chap also advertises fake passports for sale
Enjoy your trip
Try Kalms, they may help and won't harm
Question Author
Thanks hc4361

Never heard of Kalms.
you might also consider finding another doctor. "Get over your phobia" is about as helpful as "Pull yourself together, man!"
yep get another doctor, I've had 3 willing to give me 6 tablets specifically for my fear of flying long-haul. Most of them would be far more sympathetic than the pull yourself together brigade.
Definitely, go to another GP. What a horrid person to say that! I know they're pennypinching these days but........
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