Respiratory Problems

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Kazal | 16:51 Mon 07th Sep 2015 | Body & Soul
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My OH has been diagnosed with severe respiratory problems and amongst all the tests they are doing, have sent an appointment to attend the Respiratory physiology dept. for the sleep studies clinic. He is quite poorly and is fed up with all the tests and no treatment as yet. Does anyone know what this clinic is all about please?


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Monitoring whilst being asleep to see if he has obstructive sleep apnoea (stopping breathing whilst asleep). If he does to any great extent, he can be offered a CPAP machine, which helps keep the airways open whilst sleeping, and therefore would ensure that he would get a better rest.
It would appear that they are pushed for a diagnosis here.
Sleep Study Clinics offer a range of tests to identify of conditions, the commonest as campbelking has pointed out is the of Obstructive sleep Apnoea ( OSA)

Polysomnography ( PSG) is a sophisticated test to measure the reaction of the brain throughout the night which may confirm the diagnosis of OSA or whether you are waking yourself up with moving your arms or legs.

No big deal and all clever stuff.

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Respiratory Problems

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