Should I Have A G & T Or Not ?

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derekpara | 10:45 Sat 04th Dec 2021 | Health & Fitness
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Two weeks ago I had a Urethral Dilatation and a Prostate TURP procedure. All went well.
Everything seems to be functional as it should and I am following the usual guidance re taking it easy, no heavy lifting etc.

Trouble is I'm gasping for my usual weekend G & T. Should I wait a while longer, or can I have one ? Please !

Cheers. D.


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Presuming the G&T wouldn't affect any medication you are on the worry is you would over indulge, lose all inhibitions and be up jiving and tangoing. This could set your recovery back. Only you know if it is worth the risk.
Maybe hope that Sqad comes along sooner rather than later with his medical expertise.
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Thanks, Carrot, Sqad must be on the sherbet.
I think I'll play safe and leave it for another week or two.


Just have the tonic with ice and lemon or a slice of cucumber.
What are you waiting for?
Have a bloody G&T.
What Sqad said :-)
And have two for me too.
Has anybody actually said that you can't have a G & T?
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Bookbinder, on discharge I was told by the ward Sister to avoid fizzy drinks for a few weeks as they might irritate the site on the the Prostate where the work was done and delay healing.
Oh, alright then, I'll have one tomorrow.

Only one - - a bottle surely

and yes go ahead

it will make your weenie feel better
by the time the fizzy stuff gets to your er weenie,
it has stopped fizzing
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Thanks, PP . I'm thoroughly convinced now - and my ' weenie' deserves a treat after all it's been through.

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Should I Have A G & T Or Not ?

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