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Badgerdaddy | 19:10 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Arts & Literature
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Green iron card 



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Are we supposed to guess?  Sounds to me like what happens at the end of a hole of golf, if an iron is for holing out on the green before you fill in your score on a card.  Best I can do straight off.


score? as in golf

Badgerdaddy, would you mind explaining what this is about please?  DTC and I bothered to answer you after all.

One doesn't use an iron on the green, only a putter.

The Rules of Golf allow one to use any club one wishes to, anywhere on the course.

Could they all be rock bands? Green Day - Iron Maiden - Yellowcard?

Corbyloon you are always (tediously) there. I didn't say it was agaist the rules of golf, I said, "One doesn't use an iron on the green", Having played thousands of games over 20 years (& I'll be playing again later this afternoon.) I have never seen anyone use anything but a putter on the green.

Maybe looking for a word that can be paired with the 3 given.

Cross would go with green and iron, but not the 3rd one.

Something along those lines?


Green Rail, Iron Rail, Rail Card..

Badgerdaddy is a newbie. He has posted the same item twice. Should we be tolerant? I have a short fuse, anyway, and this kind of meaningless, unintelligible posting does not help my mood. Badgerdaddy, what on earth do you mean by posting this mysterious - er - thing? Kindly provide some kind of explanation.

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