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LiverpoolLou | 02:43 Wed 05th Oct 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Hi Ed, would you be so kind as to remove my e-mail address and username from AB. I have been a member of AB since January 05. I find just lately people don't beleive who you say you are, AB Ed check my details, have I ever changed my I found this site googling for something and thought it was brilliant, I have made some good friends on here (if in name only). There was a comment made about me earlier by one of the new greenies (same person using 3 names). This person seemed to know about me, I won't say what he/she said, made some comment about me being a big mouth (well at least I think that's what he/she meant). Ed that's a joke....all's I have ever done is have a laugh and a bit of a banter with people....if people don't understand Scouse humour that's not my fault, that's the way I am.

I have loved using this site...especially B&S...I've had some really good advice on there. So AB Ed I'm probably boring you to death I'll sign off, hope to speak to you soonXX.......still a brilliant site btw.


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What's up Lou? I hadn't seen anything on here , It's been a pain but It's only a computer screen and people will get born of the same old same old, chin up chuck
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Lou, why you wanna leave little old me here. How am i gonna survive. Come on tell me who it is. You know i'm more than willing to sort them. :O)
Don't go Liverpoollou - you don't have the problem they do.  Just ignore them.  I know it makes you feel horrible but it'll soon pass.  Someone once had a dreadful go at me, so I ignored all their postings, and they have calmed quite a lot, even changed their username, so now we communicate again.  Don't give up on us.  I'm not around much anymore cos of all the silliness, but if we ALL ignore them they'll give up. There are still nice people about and we'll all meet up on a thread soon.
Lou , I know how you feel , I  have felt the same as you a couple of times and I have not been a member as long as you have. Please reconsider, don't leave us without your wonderful chat and wit because of some gobby nobody. It will calm down again Lou, I  think we have all fallen foul of these bullies, hang on X
Sorry to see yet another regular AB user feeling that they have to leave!  I have been a member on here for more than a year now and it is not the same fun site that it was, although I still really enjoy it! Like many others I thought CB would be a good idea, in fact I think I was one of the first to post, sadly though it it is now often quite dire, to be fair though it's not only CB......dare to disagree with some posters on any subject and woe betide you!!! I for one will keep on using the site and try to ignore the more moronic posters, they are after all in the minority and most folks on here are blooming lovely!! So take a deep breath Lou and stay, don't give anyone the satisfaction of forcing you off AB xxx

LiverpoolLou, it'll be sad if you go and yet another one in the hat for some overly boistrous folk. I was run out by a bout of ********** that perhaps didn't upset me but really ****** me off; unable to come back under my original name as it was blocked but I must admit I'm quite attached to my new one - I came back because there were some bods here who I felt quite attached to and I was sad being unable to let them know (altho acw helped me out there often, thanks acw!).
Read all these encouraging mails and think again. Is it worth it - let's face it it is all so unreal and elsewhere.
If you do decide to take your hat and go, take care and speak again another day maybe in wonderful CyberSpace... Love x

LiverpoolLou, leaving would be a victory for terrorism... admittedly CB does seem to have been taken over by insurgents who come out after dark throwing petrol bombs, but if you stay away from there after about 5pm it's still a pretty good site, and extremely informative - and you have your own contributions to make.

As for imposters and name changes - I've pretty much given up replying to people with green names (except you of course fagin... incidentally did you know Rubyrose is the former Kazzee69?) Regrettably, I don't think there's anything even robots can do to sort them out, though if anyone has any ideas I'm sure AB Ed wold like to hear them. I hate to see good-humoured, helpful users feel they're forced out.

Yes, I knew that, jno but why did she change name? I think I missed that bit.
Please don't go Lou.  I understand how you feel, but there's no need to be de-registered as we won't know it's you if you come back.  Just do what I do - have a little swear to yourself, & come back later!! x
I'm holding you here under the prevention of  something Act (we'll make one up later)  I understand your humour but I'm a scouser to.  Don't you dare leave. and let the ******** win     
Oh Liverpool Lou, lovely Liverpool Lou

Why don't you stay, love, like the other ABers do?

Why must you leave lou,  dont you let the idiots upset you! 

Stay on AB, my Liverpool Lou ( :)
 o la la - ces't la vie!!!
Bye then.
 Lou,in the library here reading this. I don't know what's happened as I haven't had time to have a good look. I know you were keen to change your name before,please let that be the ONLY way you are leaving!!. Please,please do not vacate here permanently!! See,you've made me go all proper and prissy in horror!! See you soon babes xxx
What's this Lou! You cannot be serious, that is letting them win, please dont go, you have more friend's here than you think ( me for one )  Just ignore the saddo's, you are a good soul and a heart to match, please reconsider.  xxxxxxxx   :-(
dont you go ANYWHERE LOU!!!! dont let the ******** grind you down! we all know who the offenders are but you have friends on here ( even if they are supporters via another dotty!) so dont go lou...stand your ground!!! we are with you! xxxx
The Devil's Hole gang are with you Lou.
damn! i got starred!!!!!
Dont let the minority get you down Lou.  Most of us are ok!  Just watch whats going on for a while ...  stay on dont go.  

LOU!!!!!!!! I absolutely refuse to let you leave.

Please stay :`-(

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