Over-eager (stupid) robots

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gen2 | 01:09 Wed 05th Oct 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Dear Ms AB Editor,


Your robots go out of their way to find rude words where none exist.

I appreciate that because of your gender, you have limited access to Big Brother up at the Monastery, but this is outrageous.

Your robots are delving into the formatting code and combining it with visible code to see rude words where none existed.  See this post here. 

I gave the answer to a crossword clue as Matisse (the artist)

and then I pressed the 'Carraige return key' (my understanding is that this generates a hidden HTML code for a new paragraph which is <P>).

I then explained that the answer had been deduced by placing the word IS + the letter s (for second) inside the word for a friend (mate).

Big Brother (The Abbot?) then ignored the fact that the formatting was hidden, ignored the fact there were < and > symbols as well as a + symbol between the typed letters, and came up with its favourite word ****.

Is your robot a ****head?  Does it delight in urolagnia?  Does it secretly visit watersports sites?  Why does it deliberately corrupt a perfectly innocent post?

All apologies gracefully accepted.

Yours, gen2

Please divert your robot's attention to Chatterbank where their dirty minds may be more appropriately applied.


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lol! but that's how it is with robots, gen2, they ain't human. Thing to do is have a good giggle at it, not to demand they all be replaced by more sensitive and understanding robots... Remember, some day soon it will be a capital offence to laugh at robots, so do it now while you can
you have to hand it to the robots for creativity though!!
well woofgang I guess they have to show they're providing value for money, otherwise they'll be out after the next performance review
I know what you mean..gen,I put i couldnt work out why it was being banned on another thread.until someone pointed it out,I found it quite funny....but it can be annoying as well(:)

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Over-eager (stupid) robots

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