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That's set me off now, thanks Webbo.
16:41 Fri 22nd Jan 2021
Really lovely story, thank you.
We don't deserve dogs. Such love and devotion from a lovely animal.
Aww, so loyal. Dogs are certainly man's best friend.
i saw this on the lunchtime news :)
That's set me off now, thanks Webbo.
Did people at the hospital feed her? She would have been hungry and thirsty.
A nice story, dogs are loyal and loving animals. We need lots of happy stories these days.
Ta Webbo, that's lovely :-)
The gentleman's daughter kept taking her home and she went back, presumably after fuelling up.
Reminiscent of Greyfriars Bobby.
Yes, saw that on the news, so cute!
Yes, I caught that on the net, heart-warming isn't it.
Lovely story. Boncuk, the dog's name, means trinket in Turkish :o)
Our dog has been such a positive in this pandemic, he’s asleep at my feet right now, he’ll be shoving his way between us on the sofa shortly, on his back, displaying everything to us.
Wouldn’t swap him.

1 to 15 of 15rss feed

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What A Nice Story.

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