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kvalidir | 07:27 Sat 09th Aug 2014 | Animals & Nature
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Bit of a long story, but some of you know I've recently got an Irish wolfhound pup from a lovely lady in Ireland and I couldn't be happier with either the dog or the breeder, however I'd had my name on her waiting list for a pup and he *** had fewer pups that people waiting so I was not down to get one initially. On that basis I put my name down on another breeders waiting list and paid a £200 deposit to show my serious intent. Meanwhile the first lady was being messed about by one of the people on her list who kept failing to turn up fro their puppy so rang me and I bought he. Lovely lady, lovely puppy- no problems at all. This left me with a deposit on another puppy from another litter, I thought okay there's no problem there I'll have that as well, so went yesterday to collect the puppy.
It was an absolute horror story of lies and nonsense from beginning to end. I had researched the people running the kennel carefully and the owner was a show judge for another breed, had done really well with them for years and nothing negative was coming up in web searches so I really didn't expect what we found.
We got there and there were dogs everywhere. I counted at least 7 different breeds and more kennels than I think I've ever seen anywhere. The poor puppy was in what was obviously a show room area, no sign of it's parents or the rest of the litter and it was small, not very well covered and very cowed, and freshly bathed, and the WRONG SEX. We immediately weren't happy as it was obvious it was a puppy farm but I did insist on seeing the parents anyway as I'd been promised and the rest of the litter.
The parents were nice enough dogs but dirty and rampaging and obviously only let out of their kennel to see us. We also couldn't go outside to judge their temperament, we were only ' allowed' to look at them through the conservatory glass, and whilst he was putting them away again I went outside for a nose about and found the rest of the litter, away from the ***, again not terribly clean and not good examples of the breed.
We challenged him about the issues with the puppy being the wrong sex and he said it was ll down to an inexperienced kennel maid! We were really fed up by this point, but felt so sorry for the pup so against our better judgement were going to take her anyway ( even though I know you shouldn't as it only encourages them to breed again) but then we asked to see he pedigree and KC reg, and were handed a pedigree with no dogs name on it only mother and father etc and no KC certs. I asked where they were and this is what he said. Lie #1 ' You never get those until you've owned the dog for 8 weeks'.
Yes you do.
Lie #2. ' It take 6 weeks to register a dog'.
No it doesn't.
Lie #3.
'Breeders never register a litter until they re all sold'
Well why did we have to have THAT puppy then if they were not all sold?
We called Bull on all of this and told him so. Then he disappeared into the kitchen, we could her raised voices and he came out with what finally might be the some of the truth.
'We haven't got the export pedigree for the mother yet so we can't register the pups yet but we will and send you the certificate.'
Yeah right.
We asked for our money back a we've been told we could have a full refund if when we saw the pup we didn't like it. We ordered an un-endorsed KC registered puppy- we were offered something with no papers and that didn't look great at what was obviously a puppy farm.
He finally agreed to a refund but 'hadn't got any cash on him' so said he would do it later via bank transfer. I'm still waiting...
I've just fired off emails to the Kennel Club, Champdogs where he advertises, his local council and other advertising websites that insist dogs are KC reg to be sold, but I am really, really angry about this and kicking myself that I ought to have gone sooner ( he made excuses he was in hospital for surgery and then couldn't be reached on the phone for ages). Awful breeder, needs closing


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Question Author
The swear filter ha tarred out the word for female dog lol in pets and animals ;/
Have you thought of going to the press with your story?
-- answer removed -- awful...I think I'd have called rspca , council, police, and coastguard for extra measure ! Well done you....have got the puppy they offered ?
Question Author
I've already emailed the local authority scrivens and the Kennel Club and trading standards, and anyone else I can think of. I might well go the papers but I've given him until close of business on Monday to return my deposit, so I will at least wait until then.
It's getting worse actually. Having seen the 'parents' and checked their pedigree names against their own breeders photographs, the *** doesn't appear to exist at all under her pedigree name with her foreign breed registration, so I think this is a scam from beginning to end. I imagine probably the truth is he bought the *** either unregistered or endorsed so her pups can't be registered as I can't find her breeder has ever bred a dog by her name- except on this guy's say so.
Question Author
The RSPCA are useless though, and tbh although I'm annoyed and the dogs didn't look great, they did look an adequate if not ideal weight. I'm just livid that I obviously got dragged into a scam and that he's breeding such obviously inferior pups which look so unhappy. We didn't buy the dog. I'd given them £200 on it when 2 weeks old and the balance was £1050 to pay- and whilst I felt terribly sorry for it and it was a sweet if tiny thing I can't afford to lose that amount of money to a scammer for a dog which is likely not to be what it was advertised as. It doesn't look anything like an Irish wolfhound pup, and without papers could be absolutely anything.
Kva, could you please share the breeders name or at least send it to me so I can alert others to avoid this breeder, we are in touch with thousand of highly respected woulfies owners and breeders across the world, I would like to pass on this persons details.
Question Author
Yes pleasure RATTER, are you on Facebook?
Shar..if you mail my throwaway murraymints [email protected] I'll happily share the info on FB
Question Author
Thanks Minty will do xxx
Question Author
Just mailed you Minty, thanx for that.
RATTER- minty will give you my details, please fell free to add me on Facebook etc:)
Kval, you can find me on FB "Ian Casely"
lol, to late, its OK i aint shy lol
Question Author
okay cool- the last time I posted my addy here I got weirdo following me. I'll add you xxx
I know we don't "get on" - but I do just want to support you in this, Kval.

It's a horrible story - I hope you are able to do a bit of damage to his vile trade.

It's not just about the welfare of the animals (although that seems pretty dubious - borderline at best) but also about the degeneration of breeds through irresponsible breeding.

Shari...that is a "horror story " indeed and you have benn given excellent advice.

However....I feel that i ask you indulgence to comment on this problem.

One dog is put down "executed" every hour in the UK, in excess of 53,000 dogs and i feel that this is a disgrace....and yet, dog lovers still go to breeders for their purchases.
Question Author
Hi Dave, I'm very happy to 'get on' with you, I think we got off to a dodgy patch and knee jerked a bit with one another over various comments, so I'm very happy to get on with you ( or anyone else) from here :) Thank you for that, it was really surprising, all the more so because I thought I'd checked this guy out reasonably well- apparently not.

I know Sqad, and we've kept ' mongrels' in amongst the pure breds ever since I can remember and I've currently got a lurcher- a crossbred deerhound/ wolfhound /greyhound / saluki girl as well as my Wolfhound, my Malamute and my Kommondor ( who is going to live with my brother who she is utterly besotted with for some reason- can't think why ;-) We also had a mother cat and 3 kittens dumped on us not so long ago so I do do my bit for animal rescue and support any no kill shelters ( but not the RSPCA- they're dreadful:( )
Sorry you had this experience, but glad you have reported it. I would never take a deposit on a puppy until the new owners had chosen their pup and wanted me to keep it for them. Even then if circumstances changed I would rather refund than risk them taking the puppy and selling it on just to get their money back. This reinforces that people should always visit the puppy and ensure they see it with the mum and rest of the litter. If anything seems not right then walk away. Can't believe that some people still buy pups off the internet and never see the mum and in some cases don't even visit the premises.
yes lankeela, they do less research and take less care buying a living creature than they would buying a washing machine.

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