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Is It Snowing?

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AB Editor | 13:31 Mon 29th Nov 2010 | Weather
59 Answers
Is it snowing where you are?

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Is it snowing in your area?

  • Yes! Loads of it! - 37 votes
  • 41%
  • Yes, but only a dusting... - 25 votes
  • 28%
  • No. - 24 votes
  • 27%
  • No, but we've been promised some! - 4 votes
  • 4%

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Where are you Mr Ed?

We had a light dusting earlier but its stopped now. There is about a foot of snow outside.
mere smidge here, Penzance & West Penwith (Lands End) is apparenty all but cut off and most businesses/shops are pics from Lands End looked like Switzerland-on-sea.
I hope he gets home safe Dris x
Aww Dris, I hope hubby gets home safely and soon xxx
Oh and can I have a cream slice please. Ta!
It's been on and off all day.
is there a mention of cake?
pinki you can have a fudge one even !!!

mazie -he has just phoned and he is in Stirling plus he's taking me out for an Indian tonight so i'l scrap the soup and the stew will do for tomorrow - i'm on the verge of tears im so relieved -just with all the things thats happened with his work and him coming home -its been pretty stressful.Thanks mazie x
"Yogi, I am very jealous... :-( "

Not as jealous as i am, pinki.....mrs bear is out with the 8 or so 'Witches of Eastwick' ( ahhh...not really...they're all lovely ) to see The Scissor Sisters here tonight, which was doubtful due to the snow, but IS i'm on kids duty with is great with me....and i'm not chauffeuring them about's booked.

and i stay warm :0)

Happy days.
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-- answer removed --
Fantastic news Dris..... I saw a picture of Stirling castle covered in snow it looked lovely but hell if you have to live with it...My old mans from Perthshire so I know just how bad it gets around your neck of the woods Dris.

Have a lovely evening xxx
Go with about 10 screaming and screeching women...some probably shouting "Jake, Jake!!"????..........i'm mad, but not THAT mad, pinki. but nope....looking forward to a night in with the cubs. x
O thanks everyone just didnt see your posts as I start a post then get distracted so they usually dont make a lot of sense lol
You can all have what you want -he's in annies neck of the woods so i'd maybe better make myself scarce as I didnt think he would make it -thought he's get stuck
Cheers everyone for understanding and for keeping me going xxxxx
Hi Ed .....Up until your last posting, I was feeling sorry for you being all alone in the garden with all that snow on the ground. Anyway I am going to be bold and ask "Where do you reside."? Furthermore it would have been nice if you had commented on my thread:-


Snow good me pressing things any further.!!

Best wishes.... ♥ Ron.
Nothing here in Porthcawl so far, very very cold though about -9 at the moment, we're forecast some tomorrow!.............hoping it won't be much!.......on the coast, so hoping to miss most of it!......
About ten minutes ago, snow started falling in Gower for the first time this winter. With temp at about 4 and the snow being very powdery, it could turn to rain. It's stopping whilst I'm typing.

... just started again ...

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Is It Snowing?

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