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Is It Snowing?

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AB Editor | 13:31 Mon 29th Nov 2010 | Weather
59 Answers
Is it snowing where you are?

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Is it snowing in your area?

  • Yes! Loads of it! - 37 votes
  • 41%
  • Yes, but only a dusting... - 25 votes
  • 28%
  • No. - 24 votes
  • 27%
  • No, but we've been promised some! - 4 votes
  • 4%

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i voted but not showing up?
-- answer removed --
"Stats until: 12:38 Mon 29th Nov 2010 (Refreshed every 5 minutes)"

it will show up within 5 mins, gina
^^^Refreshed every five minutes...
Question Author
it takes a few minutes to warm up guys!
Loads of it here in North Norfolk - must be at the bottom end of the North East because there aint loads of it just a few miles away.
Have you got any in Suffolk Red?
Ed there needs to be another option...

E. Do you have snow on the ground which has frozen causing breakneck pavements with more snow promised to add to the excitement?

first snow we saw here was at 8am today. Got about half an inch which has almost gone but its just started here again now.
I know swaffham had some, but didnt think its as bad as yours, lofty, the A11 and around Wymondham etc is bad, A11 was shut earlier.
We avoided at all by going down south this weekend and the only snow we saw was when on the ferry across the solent.
None apparently in North Walsham Red, according to Mr LL. That was at 10.30am. Roads were very icy and there was some sleet.
it has been very localised. Parts of kings lynn had snow thursday and friday, yet 2 miles out had none.
Looking from our back garden, Red
Oooo lottie, was a brilliant view you've got, well, it would be if it wasn't for that white wet stuff, im so jealous!
wow, thats a lot of snow, especially for Norfolk.

It looks gorgeous but i wouldnt want to be out in it.

Its stopped snowing here again, lovely and sunny now
wow, Lottie, is that the same view as you posted last week only with the green removed?
Yep jno. Quite different now, eh!! I prefer the earlier version. As you say, only a week or so ago!!
Lots up here in the Frozen North of Aberdeen
Had a little bit in Hastings yesterday but it melted during the day. None today and don't think any forecast for this area, thank goodness.
Forgot to say we have also had thunder & lightning as well
First little bit in the North West this morning, less than an inch.

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Is It Snowing?

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