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Is It Snowing?

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AB Editor | 13:31 Mon 29th Nov 2010 | Weather
59 Answers
Is it snowing where you are?

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Is it snowing in your area?

  • Yes! Loads of it! - 37 votes
  • 41%
  • Yes, but only a dusting... - 25 votes
  • 28%
  • No. - 24 votes
  • 27%
  • No, but we've been promised some! - 4 votes
  • 4%

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Nearly killed myself dragging the wheelie bin out through it...........
It`s snowing at last in Bournemouth.
We have quite a lot possibly 8" it's snowed heavily most of the day. I haven't bothered pulling the wheelie bin out for the bin men tomorrow. It's snowed in, and I don't expect the binmen to come anyway, the street is piled high with snow.
theres plenty of it in kent, 4-6 inches overnight (wed) i'm near Dartford so getting to work (Rochester) is cancelled,
i already spent tuesday night at my sisters in Gravesend, cos i couldnt get home thanks to the M25/Dartford crossing & A2 absolutely stuffed.
Ah ... errm ... can I change my answer, it wasn't snowing 5 minutes ago.
Apart from our road being like an ice rink, most of ours has gone. To be honest, we've hardly had much. Unlike my poor mate "oop north" who has been snowed in for 3 days (his fault for living in a remote farmhouse at the top of a hill).
We had a very light dusting Sunday night, which has pretty much all gone, what's left is all frozen. Would love some more.
had a few flakes falling this morning so voted for a light dusting but it hasnt come to anything! (monmouthshire)
Loads in Stirling since last saturday but got kids back to school today. :o) - cant use it for playing in really anymore as it has been frozen then snowed on then frozen again etc. Hope it doesn't last for 6 weeks like last year!
Are we the only ABers who have not yet, this winter, seen a single flake of snow.

Living as we do in Gower, we consider ourselves very lucky; having been led to believe that the Peninsular benefits from the Gulf Stream which is said to terminate around the Gower coastline.

Our house is about a mile and half inland from the following:-


Thanks Buenchico for the clickable link.

Viv & Ron.
There should be a 'Loads of it but only flurries' option.
lovely blue sky here, but have had some not much tho
It's just starting again here in York. :-(
Question Author
Well, I've still not had anything I'd call snow yet. No fun at all.
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Yes last !
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Yep......had well over 8 inches last night and been a light drizzle of snow all day here on the south coast.

Just poked my head out and now stopped. :)

( but it does look marvellous and the scenery is fantastic, as went out earlier with the clan sledging and skiing on the south downs )
Its past the joke here-schools are shut until at least Monday.Its just relentless and im going stir crazy so apologies for any- more than usual bad tempered postings on here -I just worry:(
Now waiting to see if my husband can get home-he is going via Manchester as A1.A68 are closed- so far so good but he hasnt hit the Borders yet eeek !!
I promise if he gets home safe i'll be the happiest person on AB and the cakes will be on me :)
Kids have done two in the front and one in the back gardens. Scarves. buttons, carrots ....the lot :0)

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Is It Snowing?

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