Using a mobile phone in the US

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maxd | 19:26 Thu 06th Jan 2005 | Technology
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Not sure what category to post this question in but anyway..... I'm heading to the US on holiday in a few weeks and I've got a tri-band mobile phone which should work there.  My question is - what dialling code does someone from the UK need if they're calling me?  Also will the calls cost a fortune?  Thanks


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If someone is calling you from the UK and you got your phone in the UK, they just have to dial the 'normal' number ( eg 07860 123456, or whatever). The clever phone masts know where you are in the world. Scary ain't it!!!!
Good answer but what would you dial if you were both in the USA please?
you would then have to use the uk prefix.....i think

Don't forget yo make sure your phone has international roaming enabled. If you haven't already used it abroad check with your phone company. As far as anyone phoning you, they'll phone your normal number. i.e if they are in the UK they'll ring it 0795 123456 or whatever. If someone in the USA wants to ring it, they'll have to make an international call to +44 795 123456.

If you want to call the UK you'll have to put +44 infront, if you want to phone a USA number you just call the number, no + infront.

A couple of other points. Firstly, when using your phone to call from abroad you need the int code of the phone you are calling, unless it is a number for the country you are on. It is a lot easier just to dial the int prefix anyway. It doesn't change anything unless you are abroad. Secondly, in order to dial the international access code (in the UK it is 00) you should store or dial   *  *  which shows as + on the phone. This is the access code, no matter which country you are in. All my regularly dialled numbers are stored that way. Third, if you are abroad and someone calls you, no matter where they are, you pick up the cost of routing the call from your phone provider to your phone, ie the international portion, which can be quite expensive. So it costs you extra, not the person calling you.

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Using a mobile phone in the US

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