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Santander Banking App

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wolf63 | 12:28 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Technology
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I use online banking for Santander, but I need to deposit a cheque and I am unable to get to the bank.

I have discovered that it can be done by using the App from Santander.  Using a mobile phone for this is not going to work for me.

Can I download an app onto my Laptop?  Google does give details of banking apps, but I don't know if they are genuine or what.




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Hi Wolfy - I've used my mobile to pay a cheque in & also done it through the post.  Options are here, hope something helps -

Sorry, to answer the second part - personally, I wouldn't use a third-party app for this.

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Thanks, lik,

I will think about both postal and phone options.  I am not confident using the phone for any reason other than as a phone.  

I will consider my options.


If you decide to post it, I'll add that given the state of the postal service of late, make sure you use your phone's camera to save a pic of the cheque before you send it.

You can pay santander cheques in at any local post office also. 

Mine give me special envelopes that you can put cheque into and write sortcode n account number etc on front. Only takes a few days to go in and works well as post office part of local shop at corner.

If you use online banking already why are you unable to use it to deposit the cheque? 

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Karamia - the post office is further away from my home than Santander is.  I can't walk that far at present and it is pedestrians only so I can't get a lift to the bank.

I will have to think of a back-up plan.

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barry - I can only do it via the app.  

What device do you use the app on? 

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I don't have the app yet.  I wanted to download it to my laptop - whether or not that could be done was my initial question.

Sorry, I've grasped the problem now.

You access Santander from your Windows laptop which doesn't have a cheque deposit facility.

Do not use any unofficial apps or websites.

If you have a smartphone why not use that? It is more secure than banking on your laptop 

//If you have a smartphone why not use that? It is more secure than banking on your laptop //

I'm sorry but as an IT specialist who has worked on Banking apps I beg to differ.  I wont use one.

I used to post cheques when I banked with Santander

I'm with ymb - "...It is more secure than banking on your laptop".  I wouldn't have the mobile app, but I need it for when I'm sent a code to authorise a payment.  I do everything else (bar cheques) on my desktop/laptop & have never had a problem.

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Taking into account all that has been said I have decided to wimp out of using the app and will post it to them instead.

I don't want anything important on my mobile.  If there is no legit downloadable app for my laptop I am happy to accept it.

I don't envisage this being an ongoing problem.  I  can't remember when I last received a cheque from anybody.



Receiving a cheque never used to be a nuisance did it Wolf;-)

Question Author

Ladybirder - is this a sign that I am now a grumpy old woman?

This cheque was a competition prize - only £57 but it is better in my account than anywhere else.

Absolutely.  From one GOW to another.  xx

I've never had a problem with the app.  The bank has far more control over its own app than any browser.

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