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Maydup | 01:21 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Technology
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We have a new bridge in a local town. It opened on 1st Feb and appears on Google maps but not on Apple Maps which I tend to use as  a Sat Nav. It makes me wonder how up to date it is. 

Can  I run an update on the app so that it updates or will it just take a while? 



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Apple Maps uses data from TomTom, which provides updates roughly quarterly.  Until that database is amended, you can't change anything:

PS: The bridge will probably get stuck anyway!

Question Author

That's interesting, I had no idea it was updated so rarely. In this instant world that's pretty poor.

i would use Google but I don't like the voice! Can I change it?

I also have a sense that Google maps is less secure but does that really matter?

Question Author

It's simple enough to change the Google Maps voice on an Android phone but the only way to do it on an Apple phone is by changing the language for all apps:

Thanks for the link, Maydup!

I'd missed that in the news but it certainly made me smile now 😊

Question Author

Thanks, just figured that out too. On iPhone the only option is English US or UK. 

I prefer WAZE plenty of personalisations and well up to date.

Question Author

I struggle with Waze, trying to decipher all the symbols in busy areas, or alternatively out here in our rural patch, not having enough users. I might try it again though, it has been a while since I did. I just like a good map with red for congested traffic and green for go, and clear directions. 

Question Author

By way of update, the bridge is on the Apple Map now and offered as a route to that part of town. 
I hadn't checked again since my post but it has shown up within about 3 weeks of opening so better than originally expected.

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