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WoWo | 17:43 Tue 13th Jan 2009 | Technology
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Everybody seems to slag off the iPod, often classed as expensive and a bit of a gimmick. I have had most of the different types and have always been very happy with them, currently have a 30GB version but need much more space.

However I can't find any MP3 player as cheap as the iPod Classic with as much memory.

I'm not interested in media players like the Archos but would be happy to buy one if they were a similar price.

So what I want is an MP3 player, which has a minimum of 120GB of memory and is less than �175, any ideas?


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if your music is currently in Itunes (and especially if you have bought any from Itunes) then you are probably better off sticking with an Ipod as Itunes purchased music won't work on any other type of player.
iPods are great.

Some bought them because they were popular; that doesn't detract from their good points.

If you like them and use iTunes already, get an iPod.
Wait a little while, there are probably some new iPods coming shortly. Apple are expected to release a load of new products to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the Apple Mac later this month.

120gb would hold about 40,000 tracks. If I were you, I would buy the 32gb iPod Touch which is brilliant and easily the best iPod Apple have ever made, and a hard drive for storing your 120gb of stuff.
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Thanks for the answers, confirmed what I thought. Despite all the people who profess to hate them they are the best value high capacity player around, particularly in the price department.

I have around 100Gb+ of music, most converted directly from CD (I had around 3,000 at one time), and then a ton of stuff downloaded and DMR removed from Napster (the official one). Wouldn't purchase from the con that is iTunes.

Thanks for the advice Gromit but a 32Gb Touch wouldn't cut it, I want pretty much everything I have on one device so I don't have to keep taking things off and putting them back on. But I will wait a bit, more ask the wife to fund some of the price as a birthday present in April.

To be honest I've not heard of rumours about new iPods so soon. Autumn season is the time they usually update the line.

Regarding iTunes store songs: they used to be terrible with DRM, and I told everyone to avoid it. However, since a week ago most of the songs are now iTunes plus automatically, in very good quality with no DRM. I have no issues purchasing from there now.
Personally -I agree with Gromit & patient and it should pay off!!
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Cheers for that Gromit, but with respect about as much use as a chocolate tea pot. No good to me if I'm sitting on a bus.

I work in IT so know what I want and what I don't want, what I wanted was a MP3 with the same capacity as an iPod but for less money, I pretty much knew there wasn't one but given everybody slags iPod's off I figured there must be at least one that could match it on specs and price.

My birthday is in April so I'll be waiting till then anyway.

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"However, since a week ago most of the songs are now iTunes plus automatically, in very good quality with no DRM. I have no issues purchasing from there now."

Even though your personal details are embedded in the file?

No thanks I'll stick to Napster, all the music I can download (legally) for �15 a month.

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