Ipod battery replacement

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1977Nicky | 13:06 Fri 21st Jul 2006 | Technology
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I have only had my ipod mini for just over a year and now the battery seems to have died. It comes up with a battery symbol and an exclamation mark, says to connect to power and then dies. Exactly the same happens after I charge it.

I have found the site iPod doctor which sells the batteries for �20 for self installation but will this erase all the songs? Because I use more than one ipod on the same computer I didn't save the files to the library and when I open Itunes and try and copy songs from the Ipod to the library it won't let me do it!? Please help!


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If the iPod still works with the computer, then download yamipod (free), which will allow you to send the music you have on it from the iPod to the iTunes. Make sure you do this before messing with the iPod.

It feasably shouldn't wipe any music at all from the iPod anyway, having said that. But a backup's always good. Before you order the new battery however, give these a go.
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Thank you so much fo3nix - I will definitely try a restore before I go down the battery route - was just aware that it would erase all the music! Will download Yamipod though and back everything up first! Thank you.
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Just wanted to say fo3nix - THANK YOU SO MUCH. Downloaded yamipod last night and it backed up all 627 songs in about 10 mins. Would have taken me HOURS to re-copy all tracks from CDs! Restored ipod and it now seems to have fixed it! MARVELLOUS! Am SO pleased - you saved my life! Thanks again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Ipod battery replacement

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