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Elon Musk's Sky Train

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Tilly2 | 20:09 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Technology
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Do all the satellites that are released have a designated part of the earth to head to? If so, how are these places decided upon?



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Tilly; I don't think they are meant to head for the earth, they are meant to go round and round the earth.

Question Author

What? Do they just float about aimlessly?

Tilley. They don't float aimlessly. They are shot off at high speed by a rocket, then released. When they are released they continue to whizz along in the direction they were pointed to. There's no air resistance to slow them down so they continue in a straight line - but the earth's gravity attracts them down towards the earth, so they fall downwards. But as they fall, so does the earth's surface fall as it curves downwards. So the things fall continuously but never hit the earth becaus the earth curves down away from them as they fall.

The satellites will eventually form a grid around Earth that will give total internet coverage. They will also facilitate global eavesdropping, camera coverage and encrypted military grade coms. They have been dubbed a skytrain because in some locations and with the right conditions they are visible and look like this. March 2020 Canada.

Thanks, Togo.

Any that have not reached orbit or are not on the designated trajectory are destroyed on command from Earth or fall harmlessly(polution arguments ignored)and burn up. Musk has launched 5,331 satellites and about 30 have been lost. 42,000 is the number planned at a rate of 2 or 3 a month. THe saellites themselves only have a current life of 5 or 6 years before falling back to Earth from their low orbit and are constantly upgraded and replaced. Remarkable! Be carefull not to turn on the heating or run the motor so as not to polute the planet. 

Haha DT. I have been watching this venture with growing fascination from day! There are others on this site who are simarly interested and Gwendilla(hope that is right) was also on point. 

"42,000 is the number planned at a rate of 2 or 3 a month."

That will take more than a thousand year at that rate.

It is ramping up exponentially cl. The now tried and tested reusable launch rockets are nearing a point where Musk will mass produce them and funding is ramping up with every passing success. When they are being mass produced(on the Musk robo production lines) it is going to be something. The numbers quoted, I think, allow for replacement of any that waste naturally or are sacrificed for replacement with upgrades. Starnet is upon us and we are all looking elsewhere. It was the Starlink facility that enabled Ukraine to resist the initial Russian attack. Musk turned it on for Ukraine to use sat come free of charge in their area. Think about that. When Musk decides to adopt the robot forges(already in use) in large numbers and begin manufacture in space thereafter, then it will certainly be straight out of the sci fi realm. Bubble metal made in zero gravity will be a game changer for space travel or weapons and AI can stitch it all together. Are you ready?   

We have just ordered our Starlink satellite system for internet service just north of Porto. The internet is awful there. It is programmed to our address and comes with set up instructions. We will be putting the system up just after Christmas

Question Author

I've seen that Skytrain, Togo. It scared the life out of me. At the time, I had no idea what was going on.

It gets regularly reported as invading UFOs Tills. Haha. Not seen it myself, that is why we miss Wendilla. This site tellls where and when it can be seen. It should be visible here in N Wales in the next few days but I will not be out at 4AM or 6AM. Those days are over.;3


Question Author

It is really spooky when you see it, not knowing what it is.

Question Author

...and thanks for the Starlink link. 😀

I did know about the phenominon Tills so would be aware of what it was. I do wonder though about the ones that see it and ring plod in a panic thinking that that we are under attack from aliens. They wont come out to a burglar so I can't see em leaving the warmth of their bunkers to fend off a Taurean  invasian force. Without a full risk assessment, and an elfin safety manual to wave at em of course.   

//They will also facilitate global eavesdropping, camera coverage and encrypted military grade coms.//

Which can all be thwarted by a single layer of tin foil, so no worries.

You will need a lot of tinfoil to cover the globe mind. Every blind spot is already a potential target to the spy satellites. 

I'm thinking individual headgear Togo. No need to cover the whole world.

Question Author

I am not wearing a colander on my head for anyone! I'll take my chances.

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Elon Musk's Sky Train

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