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grandpajoe | 14:09 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Technology
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I have had NORTON on my comp for two years but they seem intent on selling extras all year round. This hacks me right off and am looking for advice from you wise folks on here as to which one I should purchase for the next twelve months. Any thoughts would be appreciated please.. Chris



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I have been using AVAST which is a free one for a number of years and have had no problems.  

I'm on Windows 10 and use Windows Defender with no problems.

Improvements  to Windows Defender and Windows Firewall several years ago have made a big difference to what was once a poor anti-virus program.

If you're on Windows 10 / 11 and keep it updated, you have no need for any other AV software - all that will do is slow your machine down. Run MalwareBytes once a month, or immediately if you think you've caught a nasty, and you'll be fine.

Listen to Alice (always!), and jimF. 

" Khandro

Listen to Alice (always!), and jimF. " 

You just made me laugh 😀


As others have indicated, the anti-virus protection that comes free with Windows is perfectly adequate.  (At one time I'd have warned people off it, as its updating process could get stuck in a loop, dramatically slowing a computer down.  These days though, it's third-part programs which are far more likely to slow your computer to a crawl).

I have just unsubscribed from AVG for the same reason, grandpa. I now just have Malware free, c cleaner free and Windows Defender. It seems ok, so far,

My Windows 11 Lenovo PC has clear sailing with two free programs. Their upgrade offers are pretty seamless and not an annoyance.
Bitdefender is an antivirus that is easy on system resources -
Malwarebytes is a dedicated anti-malware program -

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Many thanks to you all. when I bad sorted out what had been recommended on Norton it was over a ton then they shafted me again last year so it'll be good to get shot of now  Chris

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