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Thisoldbird | 21:09 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Technology
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Hi, I'm not sure I can word this query correct using the right terminology. 


After a few years break I've decided to carry on with my life story for my Great Grandchildren. 

I've never had a Microsoft 365 Word subscription, but somehow this file is now only available to edit or print unless i pay a  monthly subscription. 


Is there anyway I can rescue this now large document, please.  



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Thank you Thewinner but I've never had an account so no record of previous account. 


I might have to join for the free month to copy it elsewhere. 

actually, Chris (buenchico), is probably the best to answer this.

You may hve had a trial version of Word.

If you've got the file then download Apache Open Office.

Its free.

When you save your file, it may want to save it in its own format, but you can opt to save it as a Word file.

Whilst "Tuvok" answer is one way to solve your problem, please be aware that Open Office is no longer being supported and kept up to date.

Try using "Libre Office" instead. Works just like M/S Word and is free.

Libre Office is good. I use it. Give it a go.

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