I've Had A Gut Full Of Windows

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1ozzy | 04:08 Sun 24th Oct 2021 | Technology
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And their associated bull***.
How do I go about changing my operating system


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I've never needed a password to access my own laptop.
Now it seems I do.
Stuff you Microsoft!!
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And I can guarantee I'll forget it.
sorry you are having problems 1ozzy, i need a password to access my laptop, which i have had from the time i bought it.
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I set mine up for click and go Emmie, because it's a shared laptop.
After quite a few years Microsoft now seem to have decided a password is required, thank goodness I can receive Emails on my phone because Microsoft wouldn't allow me to access my laptop.
then i don't know how to help...
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I'll patiently wait for a computer guru or two:-)

Then make a decision
chris might be around this am, as he usually is awake until the wee small hours.
If it is a shared laptop, are the other users prepared to change OS?
Using different operating systems on the same device can get quite tricky.
The easiest way would be to buy a Chromebook or MacBook.
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Good suggestion Gromit, thanks.
But no.
One operating would suit all, like it or lump it.
This laptop is not of the age it needs replacing.
More so windows is becoming too invasive.
Plenty of different OSs out there me old china, just download one and off you go.
"I've never needed a password to access my own laptop.
Now it seems I do.
Stuff you Microsoft!! " - you can disable that feature.
I got away from Windows by getting a Chromebook.
However I still have to unlock it with a password.
I have solved the problem so that I never forget my laptop Windows password by using my name as my password – otherwise I suggest you set your password as ‘incorrect’; so that whenever you enter an incorrect password the computer will remind you of your password.
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Thanks for the replies.
I set this laptop up to never need a password.
It's also struggled with quite a few updates, needed to do a "hard reset " numerous times.
The laptop isn't used too often by myself as I do most things on my phone.
I was hoping that other Abers had some experience with other operating systems and could share their experiences

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I've Had A Gut Full Of Windows

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