Problems With Yahoo E Mails

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fiftyplusfive | 14:44 Mon 08th Oct 2018 | Technology
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I used yahoo for e mails. Yesterday I logged on as usual but although I can read e mails I cannot delete them or move them to folders,neither can i send e mails. I logged on with my laptop and everything works fine, the problem seems to lie with my pc. Any suggestions please?


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>>> the problem seems to lie with my pc

. . . or, more accurately, with the browser that you're using on your PC. So which browser is it, please?
Question Author
use google on Windows 10
Google chrome i imagine?
Question Author
yes sorry
Google isn't a browser.

Do you mean that you're using Chrome (which is the browser that Google makes) or are you using Edge or Internet Explorer (both of which come packaged with Windows 10) as your browser (with Google as your search engine).

Crossed posts!

Try resetting Chrome:
Question Author
Seems to be sorted. Thank you. Any ideas as to what happened or why?
Not a clue!

Most software seems to 'throw a wobbly' from time to time. It only takes a tiny electrical surge, or even radiation from a solar flare 91 million miles away, to corrupt an important file. Simply 'resetting', or uninstalling and then reinstalling,is usually all that's required to fix such problems though.
You should try to reset Chrome.
yahoo mail sign up
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Thanks . Just tried my e mails this morning and everything seems fine. Haven't lost any passwords or anything,great relief. Many thanks again.

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Problems With Yahoo E Mails

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