Internet Explorer under Windows XP - Yahoo Inbox fault

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TommyC | 17:40 Mon 06th Feb 2006 | Technology
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My Yahoo e-mail account has suddenly developed a very annoying bug for no reason at all. Although the account still opens, all the command buttons are dead, including the ability to attach files to e-mails. The IE window displays a warning "Error on page" icon at bottom-left, which when fully opened displays the message "Problems with this webpage might prevent it from being displayed properly or functioning properly." plus a note of how to display the message permanently in future (!!). A small code panel in the box also displays a character-and-line reference, and various errors like "Object Expected", but not a jot about what has caused the problem or how to fix it. Until I can fix it, I have no working e-mail account, and as I'm very busy looking for a job, this is a problem..!! Any ideas, anyone, please..? (By the way, I've trawled many Help pages, but Yahoo do not appear to publicise any kind of technical Helpdesk address..!!)


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have you done any updates on your pc recently - its possible these have caused certain things to be unavailable

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Internet Explorer under Windows XP - Yahoo Inbox fault

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