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chokkie | 18:23 Thu 01st Sep 2011 | Technology
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Hi folks, I wonder if anyone can help with our concerns about this new Yahoo mail format. We've just been switched to the new format - and to be honest, we don't find it particularly user-friendly - is it just us - or are any ABers out there of the same opinion?

We've now got two main concerns/problems and wondered if anyone out there can offer some help or advice ....

Firstly - with the "old" format, we had a secondary e.mail account with Yahoo, which we used as a sort of "business" address for Mr. Chox. With the new format, it seems to have completely disappeared. We used to be able to switch from one "account" to the other at the click of a mouse, but it's just disappeared ....

Secondly, we had a load of circulation lists to send various e.mails to, e.g. one bunch of friends, or another bunch of friends, and it was very easy just to click "forward", go into "contacts" and click on the appropriate boxes, "send" and that e.mail would go to those particular people and no-one else. Now, with the new format, it is a million times harder, and it almost seems as though we have to remember who are on these contacts lists ...

Am I imagining all this? Is there a very simple solution?

Of course, it is simply impossible to get in touch with Yahoo, and neither of these questions are answered within their "help" pages.




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Hello Chokkie,
try clicking on the CONTACTS tab, on the left hand side does LIST show? There might be a + by it, click that, this might allow you to recreate your "circulation lists", viz create a new LIST name and drag and drop the contacts into the new LIST name. At best it might even show the "lists" you created before changing to the new Yahoo mail.
I have no idea about secondary e-mail addresses and being able to switch between them.
In all honesty I'm happy with the new format. Sorry I haven't been quick enough to help with any of your DT questions!
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Hi DocHH, many thanks for your response, will have another look at it as you've suggested when i'm feeling a bit more energetic. But thanks for your help, much appreciated. I think it's going to involve a bit of work though. Best wishes, Chox.
Just another thought, try opening a new e-mail, then, in the "To" box type the first few letters of the title of the group, eg "chokkie friends" you created in the previous version of Yahoo mail. Whenever I start a new e-mail it throws up a list of addressees when I start typing into that box, and only need to either continue typing the next few letters to limit the options or scroll down to the one that is required.
I was under the impression you could still go to the 'classic' format, is that not so ?

I don't recall where, but a while ago I read on the Net of concerns about the changes; something about Yahoo now opting to read your e-mails much as Google already does to their e-mail users. You may want to search for such information if that concerns you.
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Thanks for your help everyone, sorry for delayed response, was in London (went to see The Wedding Dress) all day yesterday. Have managed to sort out the bit where I couldn't find how to get to stuff on our other e.mail address (took me ages), and think I've worked out how to access the addresses in our contact groups. But still don't like the way it is now. Much quicker the old way. Wish we could go back!

Anyway, thanks to all for their help over the last couple of days. Have generally stopped mithering about it all!

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