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cashier | 11:58 Fri 16th Mar 2018 | Technology
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I use an ipad and over the last few days have noticed that there is no 'mark as best answer' box. I know best answers are still being awarded as I was reading Gizmonster's birthday thread, and one was given there. Is it just ipads or have other technological devices lost this feature? As I said, just curious.


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It appears on my iPad, it's not a box just the words 'mark as best answer'
Question Author
Thanks Fitzer. It shows how much notice I take, I see it now.
Question Author
I can see the words above your answer, but just looked at a news thread and the words aren't available above any answers.
If it's not your question you can't mark a best answer :-)
Question Author
I know that Fitzer just used to be able to see it all the time. I just find it odd I don't see it anywhere else. So it looks as if only the question poser can see it.
I have to say I'd never noticed it before and now only see it on my questions
//// Thanks Fitzer. It shows how much notice I take, I see it now. ////

... and just to prove you can see it - why not award BA to Fitzer ??
you have only ever been able to see it on your own questions
Yes -we have never had the option to give a best answer on someone else's question
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