Would A 24 Inch 4K Monitor Read The Same Px Width In Browsers As A Normal 1080P Monitor.

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spathiphyllum | 15:50 Tue 13th Mar 2018 | Technology
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Would a 24" 4k monitor read the same px width in browsers as a normal 1080p monitor. I'm trying to determine the minimum width an image needs to be. I'm not sure if it'll change in 4K as it's suppose to be more dense?

It may be the same and you may just laugh me out of the category. But an answer would be much appreciated.


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I would never laugh at any question, and yes, it will adjust the display accordingly for you.
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But how big will it 'adjust' it to? Will it scale or stretch the image, given the image is 100% width?
That I am unsure of (and delighted to admit it!), my learned friend Buenchicho will be along soon with a fulsome answer for you, in matters technological, he is the veritable guru of the Answerbank.
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Thanks for the response anyhow! Hopefully, but he may not be 'up to date' with images 1080P vs 4K.
A short discourse on 4K resolution here

Basically, more pixels in 4k than 1080. However if your viewing something only produced in 1080 then thats all you get, but dependant on the monitor and graphics card the missing pixels will be 'interpolated' to uprate the quality of the picture.
Hi SPath

I run a 4K monitor on my Mac Lappy so that I have two screens - the Mac screen at 1920 x 1200 and the external monitor at 3008 x 1692. You should be able to adjust the resolution to get a good balance between legibility and usability and available desktop real estate.

For reference my external monitor is a Samsung U24E590.

Love it.

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If i'm making a 'full width banner' Kidas, will the background image get stretched more because there are more pixels in there, or will it just be a better quality?
It appears the native resolution on the 4K is 3840 X 2160 @30Hz and 67.4kHz.

SO the max width you need for an image on a native 4K monitor is around 3840pixels. But if I'm honest, that is way too small to read any text. I run my monitors at max real estate, while still legible, so probably if you go to 3000 px you'll be OK.

I had to search quite hard to find a 24-inch 4K monitor, as I only have limited space in my work area, but this one is excellent.

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So it will stretch it then.

Thank you Kidas! Much obliged :)
I guess you are designing a web page?

this 'Banner' of which you speak - is that an ad banner?

The banner is defined in terms of its pixel size (often 360 x60 or something.

How it displays will depend on the type of page design you have. When I run AB on the 4K monitor, it goes to a max width, then if I increase the width of the window still further, the site just gives me pale grey space on either side, with the banners in the middle.

Does that answer the question?
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I am not designing an ad, i'm designing a full width page banner. But yes, that further info does help me also! Thanks again.

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Would A 24 Inch 4K Monitor Read The Same Px Width In Browsers As A Normal 1080P Monitor.

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