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Mkv To Mp4

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zingo1327 | 18:39 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | Technology
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downloaded MKV video files won't play on my TV from a USB stick although they do play directly on  my PC. Are there any free conversion programs to convert from MKV to mp4 or avi. Thank you in advance



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The online file conversion service, Zamzar, is frequently recommended in the technical press:

(The free service limits you to just 2 file conversions in any 24-hour period, although you can probably get around that by clearing your browser's cache & cookies and/or using multiple web browsers).

Otherwise, give this a try:

(It's given the top rating on this trustworthy review site: )

A reliable and popular Multi-Platform Converter that converts nearly any video format is HandBrake.

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Mkv To Mp4

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