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Magnifying Glass

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Bazile | 15:05 Sun 14th Apr 2024 | Technology
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Can anyone recommend a good hand held magyfying glass please ?

Bought one from Poundland , but it's not very good 



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try your local chemist shop they have some really good ones in mine

I’ve have a magnifying glass from ‘The Works’ (discount high st. bookstore) for £2 with a glass lens of ~75mm diameter, which gives undistorted magnification.

I'm not much help  but I think Johnny is right - chemist might be your best bet.

My daughter bought me one - lens about 5 x4 ins with a light.  I'll ask her where she got it.⁹


Bazile  I've just looked  and Amazon have got a good range.

My daughter says mine is Amazon Kaome  - reduced at the moment from £19.99 to £11.99.  Hope this helps.

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Magnifying Glass

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