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AB Editor | 12:38 Tue 11th Jan 2011 | Technology
37 Answers
Before you ask a question in technology, read this first!

Top Tips For Posting A Question In Technology
  • Hardware Problems: Include make and model information
  • Software Problems: Include operating system and software version information
  • Internet Problems: Include browser name and version information

It may also be worth noting that we've got a slightly easier to remember url (for if you want to reference it to confused users). It is:


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Question Author
If anyone would like to make comments and suggest amendments, please do.
I don't know what a URL is and why they can be hard or easy
Question Author
And I never know if you're pulling my leg Dot!
is this going to be a permanent sticky, Ed?
I'd just like to ask people to actually read peoples questions and familiarise yourself with the contents of the FAQ before blinding posting a link to it for all questions.
*blindly not blinding.
Question Author
Do you think this is a new kind of trouble I've started Chuck?
Blinding post, chuck ;-)
I doubt it Ed, but I have seen forums before where a link to a FAQ is posted by people trying to be helpful to all questions even when there was nothing in the FAQ that is relevant to the question asked and IMO that can make a forum look unhelpful.
Question Author
I'll try and keep and eye on it then Chuck!
What does IMO mean chuck, I hate abbreviations.
IMO = "In my opinion"

It also appears as IMHO = "In my honest opinion" or "In my humble opinion"
Good FAQ (so far). I suspect it could easily be another 40 or 50 pages long though. :-)
It could probably fill a half decent sized library if it was to cover all things.
I think FAQ #1 could be ... "When asking a question about specific equipment, ALWAYS include make/model of the damn stuff, lol
With computers, the OS helps too.
Yep agree.

I feel like a stuck record asking for make, model and version of OS all the time, but it is needed to give an answer.... Well unless the OP will accept an answer like "change your DNS servers" with no further instructions.
//An Editor will give regular updates to users (normally in ChatterBank and Quizzes and Puzzles)//

Fat lot of good that does if you consistently try to avoid those categories.
Question Author
Amended the question to inculde question asking tips - if you can think of anything missing there (or maybe a better way to say it) let me know.

I don't know know what all that means, what is my browser name and version, I assume software operating system is windows?
Naznomad my computer is made by BEEP, has anyone else heard of it, would be no use at all!!!

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