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What is the name of the lead I need?

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Nosha123 | 12:35 Tue 11th Jan 2011 | Technology
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OK this is going to be a hard one...

I need to find a new lead for my Pentax Digital SLR camera.... I need the lead that plugs the camera into my Mac at home to transfer the photos off the memory card.

I thought it connected to the iMac via a Mini USB - well it looks almost exactly like one.. BUT the Mini USB end is too small.

What is the name of the lead I need? I know its a USB one end (for the iMac) but I dont know what the other end is called!


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have a look and play match the picture :)


then you'll just need a typeA to {whatever type}
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wonderful thanks Chuck!!
Why not just get a card reader?
Why not phone the Co' up? they're very helpful. Phone No/ at back of manuel.
I was wondering when someone would point that option out mjwman.

This one is slightly different to the one I have, it doesn't have 'xc' written on it but I've used it for years and I only paid 98p for it at the time!

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What is the name of the lead I need?

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