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jeannamacs | 00:54 Fri 12th Jan 2018 | Technology
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Virgin media engineer


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There seems to be some detail missing in your question, Jean!
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Sorry. Message went before I finished. My husband was working on the front today and a virgin media engineer walked up and said he was working in the road and wanted to test our broadband signal . My husband let him in and he fiddled about with the main broadband connection box. I'm worried now because, would this actually happen or could it be something bogus?

Are you actually a Virgin Customer?
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The obvious question has to be "Do you get your broadband from Virgin Media or from someone else?"
^^^ Oops!

Crossed posts!

I can't think of anything dodgy that such a person could do. It sounds genuine enough to me but, if in doubt, contact VM. (0345 454 1111)

"I'm invisible!"

Beggar, no I'm not :o(
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I rang but it was impossible to get to speak to someone. I've got this wierd notion that he's put something on the broadband connection to intercept info
The only malicious thing that somebody could do with your router would be to disable to wifi password. Even then, it would only let others 'piggyback' your connection; it still wouldn't let them access you computer (or other devices), nor would it let them intercept data passing through your router. (I'm assuming that you've not got some very unusual, and incredibly lax, settings on your internet-connected devices).

Simply check that there's still a password on your wifi connection and all should be OK. If you're still worried, change the password. (If you need instructions, please tell us the make and model of your router).
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Buenchico. Thanks for that . Makes me feel better. It was just the box on the wall outside and inside. I thought it was strange cos there's nothing wrong with the signal . He showed him some machine with a graph on , but he appeared from nowhere and had ID. Just seemed strange how he could tell from working up the road that our house had a weak signal? But I'll still check password as you say . Thank you.
Sounds VERY dodgy to me.

ALWAYS be very wary of anyone who wants to come in to your house (for any reason).

Check their ID, and say you will not let them in until you can ring to verify who they are.

And DONT use any phone number THEY give you as it may just be their mate sitting at the end of the phone line.

I will still ring Virgin (if you can) and check with them.

See if there is an emergency or security phone number you can use that will get you through quicker.

p.s. Did he actually go on your computer as he may have installed a piece of dodgy software?
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Ño he didn't touch anything else. My hubby's not very good with technology so he wouldn't be aware. Hopefully all Ok , but you just can't be sure. I did try to get through to virgin. But everything is automated!
I'd be wary of inviting anyone, not scheduled to visit, into your home. You do read of house thefts where expensive items were stolen and wonder how they knew such things were available. I had a couple of cold callers who had "id badges". They were very keen to come inside and discuss home security. I did not let them in.

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