Playing Mkv Format On Win 10

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ro2124 | 01:11 Fri 12th Jan 2018 | Technology
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Have weird Problem with playing Movies in Windows 10 devices.
I have two , Windows laptop and Windows tablet, tried to play movie in mkv format using the Movies and TV app in Windows. On computer the movie plays without problems but on the tablet it only plays sound no vision.
can't figure it out as both devices are using Windows 10.
anyone got any ideas?


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MKV is a 'container format'. i.e. it actually bundles together separate video and audio files. If an MKV video was recorded using AAC or AC3 audio it should play in the Windows 10 app. However, it was recorded using the DTS audio format, some Windows devices can't yet handle it.

What really baffles me though is why anyone should even try to use Microsoft programs to play media files. Window Media Player is/was appalling and it looks like its replacement in Windows 10 isn't much better.

Use a DECENT media player!
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Well you are correct most window stuff is crap, and I never use Windows Media Player I was talking about the Movie TV App seems seem to have pretty good picture quality.
and in fact also often use use Media Player classic or as you said VLC.
normally those will play anything if there are vid problems but on this occasion the same problem , again only on the tablet.
on VLC video. shows but is constantly breaking up, on MPC it is watchable but sound breaking up. occasionally.
the problem is only on the tablet so suppose it has something to do with that.
Hi ro2124,

Why not to consider convert the MKV to other format such as HD MP4 format, what you need do is find a free video converter to convert it. You can use the freemake video converter, I use it to convert the mkv files to use it on the Andriod devices.

Wish this can help.

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Playing Mkv Format On Win 10

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