no battery power light on laptop

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looobylooo | 14:49 Fri 02nd Nov 2012 | Technology
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For a while my laptop has had a dodgy power lead connection, so I've had to secure it with tape to help keep it powered up and charged.
It's mostly ok, but often it bleeps to alert me the lead has been dislodged if the laptop has been nudged, so I have to wiggle it to get it back in place again.

Anyway, now I've noticed the battery power light, down by the mouse pad, is no longer lit - green for charged, amber for re-charging.

I can see by looking down at the battery/plug icon, in the tool bar, if the lead is connected ok or not.

Does anyone know why the light is no longer lit please?

Thank you x


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The bulb may have blown ( Over heated) can you not replace the lead?
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Thank you TWR for replying.
I don't think it's the lead thats faulty as it works fine in another laptop, it seems to be my laptop that's at fault!
Hi, if the laptop is worth it can you not take it to a local repair shop & have them look at the connection within the unit? do not take it to the likes of PC or Currys. ask for a price first.
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Yes, I'll have to if it keeps playing up. But it's not tooo bad at the mo with the masking tape securing it in place!
Thanks again x

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no battery power light on laptop

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