TV on the blink

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lonedad | 20:20 Thu 16th Jul 2009 | Electronics
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Hi all

Ive had my Bush Digital TV for some years now. Its now playing up and Im wondering if its worth repairing because I dont have the money for a new one.
When I turn the TV it is working fine but then, after a while, the screen will go blank. I will still have sound though. Also, sometimes the picture becomes distorted and there is a low audible buzz. Anyone know what this could be and if it would be an expensive repair?
It happens on analogue, digital and the AV channels.


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lcd or crt?

obviously something loose - crt v dangerous to poke
lcd is just a couple of boards - either way not much scope for diy.

to go back to basics = when it goes off .. clout it in various places see if pic returns = not technical - but often works.

if you have a local mender - get a quote first - but just opening the box will cost �40+
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Nah not an LCD, its an old type TV with a big back. It often starts working again if I put it on standby for about 10 seconds and turn it back on again.
Was thinking the tube was on its way out.
Do not bother thinking of spending money repairing your old TV as it could cost you upwards of �150 especially if the main Transformer or CRT is on the way out. Apart from the Parts you will need labour costs as well !!
If money is in short supply at present you could rent a TV from :
Technology House
Ampthill Road
MK42 9QQ
Tel: 08705-546563
or check out this link to them:
I used this company myself for 6 years up until last year because of financial restrictions and they are very good.
Boxclever is the merging of RadioRentals and Granada TV
and they used to have shops on every High Street.
Until such time as you can afford to buy a new TV, renting a TV could be an option !
sounds like a heat thing - the CRT uses 40000+ volts (which is why it's not a good idea to stick fingers in - and the capacitors can store that voltage for months)

when the set heats up - whatever is loose expands enought to break contact.

I'd say don't be tempted - save up rather than renting - they seem very coy about quoting prices.

have a look on freecycle
actually - thinking about it

you have a PC - hl=en-GB

not brilliant as a main telly - but cheap and better than nowt
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I went and bought one/ Got a HD ready Hitatchi 32" LCD from Argos for �272.
Do you have Gumtree and Friday-Ad in your area? People give tv's away free and other stuff too! and
these sorts of faults are usually due to two things: dry joints on the heater pins / connections to the tube, or capacitors which have altered in value. Ignore all the rubbish people have posted about the tube or transformer, these rarely if ever give the symptoms you describe. should be a cheap repair by a good tech. i'd get it done, as it will probably outlive the 'orrible smeary flat panel junk made in china being sold now!

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TV on the blink

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