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theelziebub | 03:28 Fri 25th Jan 2008 | Electronics
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Hi all,

Bit of a dumb question but....

Can anyone tell me, could two AAA battries cause a server electric shock if they came into contact with water?

My boyfriend has just bought a two for his nephew which envolves batteries and water. He doesn't seem too concerned but I am. The toy has the CE mark and everything but I wanted to check if it would be a very bad idea to give it to him?

Thanks all.


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It sounds a bit iffy. Batteries CAN give you a shock if they're near water - such as a radio being touched if it's stood near a swimming pool and got a bit wet. 9V batteries can give quite a NASTY shock, but AAA's.....not sure. Can I ask what the toy is?
No way
If you have a dozen or so AAA cells in series (18 Volts) you may feel a slight tingle with damp hands.
Very small "button cells" can be fatal if swallowed by children.
if you had a cut or open wound you might feel a very slight stinging sensation,but not an actual shock
I was a Computer Field Engineer for thirty-five years theelziebub

And I never heard of any small batteries AAA, AA, C, D, shocking anyone...................wet or dry; so unless you have them hooked-up by the gross, anyone or anything forming a path-to-earth, or completing-a-circuit, will soon drain them. We always threw our 'dead' batteries into a bucket of water, which 'eventually' neutralised the batteries ............and that bucket sure did get fairly warm sometimes. Now if the batteries begin to leak they can soon become a chemical threat immediately, and even if they sweat it would not be a good idea to expose the fluid to skin, no matter how diluted the liquid may be.

Battery acid is very dangerous

Seek some guidance from the store the toy came from or better yet the manufacturer's customer helpline.

And be as you are being......................very careful and extremely suspicious.

If it don't sound right, don't do it!

Ancient Mariner
did read somewhere about the number of deaths caused by ......
and something like 8 people each year (in the whole world) are killed by licking 9v batteries!!!!

in a cardiac operating theatre the earthing precautions are critical as the pd between instruments and devices can be enough to stop a patient's heart.

far more are killed by bee stings ....
cars, passive smoking .......
and being smothered (esp by overprotective relatives).

when I first started work I discovered that I have very odd skin .... I can feel voltages as low as 1v ..... and quite routinely tested for anything up to normal mains voltage with a finger.

I have more sense these days

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Battery Shock....

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