Auto Tuning / Tuning with no Analogue Ariel??

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REDARMY | 20:13 Sat 13th Jan 2007 | Electronics
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I have just bought a new Toshiba TV but auto-tuning doesn't appear to be working? We have never had an Analogue ariel in the past and our old tv always worked because we watch everything through Sky? Anyone help


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Not sure I understand your question. If you watch everything through Sky, then you don't need to tune the TV, just set it to the AV input.
yep, nothing to tune in. Connect SCART to SCART and all should be auto on a new TV

(it's a large rectangular connector like this - you're gonna love the acronym!)

One thing - use a fully wired SCART - some only use some pins and the cost saving is negligible.
You should NEVER Auto-Tune a TV. Always do it manually. Any TV Technician will tell you that. Good Luck.

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Auto Tuning / Tuning with no Analogue Ariel??

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