How do I put my DGM LTV-3289W television off from standby?

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JG1965 | 14:20 Tue 11th Oct 2011 | Electronics
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I have just bought a 32 inch DGM LTV-3289W television and when I press the Power switch at the side of the TV it only seems to go to standby and the red light is always on ( it turns blue when you switch TV on). What I want t know is how do I switch it off properly with out having to switch it off at the wall, I don't like to leave it on standby all night. Read manual but it does not say.
Thanks in advance.


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If the switch on the side of it does not turn it off and there isn't another switch somewhere on it then the wall switch is the only answer

Or put a switch in the power cable if that's really awkward
Yours is only one of many modern TVs made this way - my Sony Bravia is the same. It's a pain having no 'fully off' switch. Even though they can use very little power on standby, I wonder that the EU hasn't brought out a ban on them on the grounds of energy saving.

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How do I put my DGM LTV-3289W television off from standby?

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