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Can Someone Explain.

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teacake44 | 15:32 Mon 03rd May 2021 | Sport
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I keep hearing on the media all this nonsense of football fans getting, and being frustrated about their clubs. What the hell they on about, if you want to go and see a match pay your money, see the match and go home, other than that don't go, or get involved.
I was watching these idiots running all over their football ground with their carrier bags full of cans of beer in one hand, while swilling one down their big gobs with the other.
They reminded me of little 5 year old's just let out of the classroom into the playground, running around with not really anywhere to go.

They do however all seem to be wearing the same uniform of dirty filthy jogging bottoms/ tops and smelly trainers that they have been drinking / eating and sleeping in for the last 6 months. May be they all need a short quick shower of a water cannon, and as an added bonus add some dye to that water and destroy their beloved joggers and trainers, they might think twice turning up again if they have to fork out for a new uniform for each riot.

Yet again, football is taking the headlines, over and above the real problems we have to deal with.


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Those weren't fans, they were thieves and hooligans.
I don't understand why people get so worked up about it - it's only a game! Maybe we need another world war to put things into perspective.
To some it's more of a religion than a game.

To the current owners of Man Utd it's just a cash cow to be milked to the maximum.
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I've had the radio on for the last hour and all they have focused on in that hour is the so called problems in football. Then you have the grown men who play the game complaining that they are being abused on line, well get off line.
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Hopkirk Its a business, like any other business, if you don't like that business then don't support it, all the rioting in the world by these prats is not going to make any difference to multi million pound businesses, or their owners.

"... men who play the game complaining that they are being abused on line, well get off line" - that sounds like victim-blaming to me.

Shouldn't someone be able to post on social media without receiving vile racist, sexist and homophobic rants?
I was about to say much the same as DrMorgans. Why should the person being abused online be the one to delete their profile? Surely the bullies are the ones who should be cracked down on?
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If you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen. Sadly if you comment on any social media expect the unexpected, its not going to change any time soon.
Can someone explain what?
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Well for a start Roy why the hell is so much news time being given to this ruddy game of football when we have millions of people all over the word dying of covid. We are talking about riff raff drunken kids ruling and doing what they want.
Football is entertainment the same as TV, film, music, theatre and other Sports. So people love it.
People are complaining about football because they see it being ruined. They see it being invaded by rich foreigners with no interest in the club, only interested in the brand and how much money it can make them.
Manchester United have been part of the local community for 149 years, and in that time have do one or two things which have pleased many people. Its new owners want to make it part of a circus playing exhibition matches all over the world. A circus with no relegation so they don’t even have to play well. It is just a grubby money grabbing cynical move by investors who have probably never even been to Old Trafford.

The 76,000 who pay every week to watch Manchester United to not like what the owners want to do to their club. So they are making a noise about it and complaining. And good for them, I wish them success, but I fear it is too late.

To some people football, the worlds most popular sport, is their life. If it doesn't interest you then fair enough, but there are a lot of people it does matter to and that's why anything pertaining to it makes the news.
As for your description of them as all being scruffy and drinking, then that is your blinkered opinion.
Question Author
Has I said its a business, and they bought it to make money, and I'm afraid there's no getting away from that, and while they have it they will make has much money as they can. The only way you can successfully make any difference to a business is to hit them in the pocket, not have silly drunken kids running about smashing up police and property. If 76k stop paying out for a few months thats when you ( may) see a difference.

Do you have an experimental radio that not just broadcasts the style of peoples footwear, but the odour of it too?
Question Author
Bluemoon the ones I saw running all over the ground were (all riff raff) and wouldn't have been there in the first place if they weren't riff raff. Nothing more than drunken scum, with nothing better to do.
As they were all Stretford Rangers fans I'll have to agree with you.
What gets me is the hypocrisy of the self-styled TV pundits. There they were last week with Mr Walkers Crisps egging them on to condemn Man Utd etc for alienating the fans and how wonderful if the fans rose up en masse and fought against it.

Now they're U-Turning and saying how disgraceful that the fans behave like that. The rabble-rousing pundits have reaped what they sowed.

You are a bigot. And a very ill informed one.
The assumptions you make are staggering. A majority of the fans out there were protesting peacefully, and only a minority of those crossed the line into violence. Those who did, deserve every punishment they get, both from the courts and by the club. Let's be honest, you aren't being objective. You dislike football and have a pretty low opinion of anyone involved in it, whether they be on the professional side or as a supporter.

As for your "if you can't stand the heat.." comment, do you feel the same about women being abused online, or kids being bullied? If not, why are those cases different from a black footballer being racially abused?

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