P D C World Championship

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choux | 19:46 Sun 22nd Dec 2019 | Sport
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Quite surprised thaat none has mentioned the success of Fallon Sherrock.

Even Billie Jean King was impressed, as am I. Hope she plays just as well in her next match on 27th December.


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I would agree that it is encouraging to see that a woman is at last properly breaking into an area taken to be a male reserve since the beginning. There is of course no reason at all to think that a woman cannot do as well as a man at throwing darts at a target, if/when allowed to. In fact it would not surprise me if they were to turn out marginally better at it. However, not everyone feels she or any woman should be into this.
I watched both her matches and thoroughly enjoyed them. She beat the number 11 in the world in her second match with some brilliant finishes ( going out on the bull to win the match). As she has never played such long matches before, she did well to keep her concentration. A very impressive young woman.
//Even Billie Jean King was impressed, as am I//

I didn't know Mrs L W King was an authority on darts.
Not taking anything away from Fallon Sherrock, but as in snooker they're some very suspicious results in both 'sports'.
Yes, well done to Fallon.
Women have always been allowed to play in the PDC, there are female entries at Qualifier school in January every year. They have just never been up to the male standard and as such, never played in televised competitions. It’s not a male or female thing, it’s a quality of the player, thing. The PDC has equal opportunities, not equal results. Fallon was superb and may she go on to do great things with the PDC.
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NJ, I am not aware that Billie Jean King has to be an authority on darts to congratulate Fallon. I accept her comment as a great sportswoman recognising a very good talent and achievement.

Nice to read the positive comments, thank you. If she concentrates on her doubles I hope she can go on to much higher things. Time will tell but she has done well so far.

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P D C World Championship

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