Gordon Banks Has Died Aged 81Yrs

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retrocop | 12:27 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Sport
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I know B all about football but I can always remember this Gentleman from 1966.


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Thanks Teacher and apologies grumpy. I missed your newsflash on News. :-(
Probably the best goalkeeper in the world R.I.P Gordon Banks
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I agree. Must of been as he is the only England goalkeeper I can name both past and present. I'm a rugby supporter. :-)

Sad news, RIP Gordon.
RIP Gordon banks Englands greatest goalkeeper a world cup winner
God save him.
Sad news, RIP Gordon.
The greatest goalie ever, saw him live at Anfield many a time and a goal passed him had to be either brilliant or a pure fluke! RIP Gordon

This sad news passed me by... R.I.P Gordon Banks.

R.I.P to Eric Harrison also 81yrs. (Class of 92' Youth team coach at United)

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Gordon Banks Has Died Aged 81Yrs

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